Forgot password? - how to reset user's password.

Learn how to reset a user's password.

This article will explain how to reset a user's password if they forget it or get locked out. 

Use password reset on the login page:


Write your e-mail address and you will be sent an e-mail with a link, that will allow you to change the password.

Please note, that this link will expire after 52h. Sending a second request will de-activate the previous link.

Use admin option for other users:

Step 1: Set a new password for the user

  • Go to the Individuals page.
  • Select the 'three pips' of the user.
  • Select Change password manually.


Select a secure password for now, but the user can change it again later

Step 2: Tell the user their new password

  • Tell the user their new password. 

Step 3: Important - ensure that the user follows these steps 

Please ask the user to: 

  • Be aware that both the email and password are case-sensitive. They must enter both in the exact case that is registered on the system. 
  • Write out - not copy and paste the password which you have provided to them. Copying & Pasting can copy in weird characters accidentally. Please ask them to type it out rather than pasting it in.