Why am I getting Access Denied / 404 error?

Find out what are the most common causes for Access Denied and 404 error

Access Denied / 404 error

Access Denied error appears at the top of the page as a pop-up notification when users is trying to access the content they don't have permission to view.

404 error appears as a separate page, when the link, that the user is trying to load leads to a page that does not exist.


This can mean the following:

  • They've been sent a link or are using an old link to an item/learnlist/channel with restricted visibility, that they haven't been assigned
  • Their role in the system has changed and they no longer can view other users/Teams/Groups/reports
  • (in case of 404 error) user is trying to access the company site while logged in to a different one
  • If user has adequate permission to view the content (they have been assigned it as a Task, the content is set to "Entire Company" visibility, or they have a system role that should allow viewing other users), there might be a system error preventing them from viewing the content.


In this case, please raise a case with our Customer Support and include the following data:

- users full name and what part of the system exactly is causing an error

for example: 

- an item within the learnlist/channel

- entire learnlist/channel

- other feature/part of the system


To register a support ticket, please go to: