What is a 1-to-1 question set and how do I add one?

Learn about 1-to-1 question sets.

Topics that will be covered in this article:

What was the change and why was it changed?

In essence, the 1-to-1 question set has replaced the 1-to-1 survey type question.

  • In July 2021 we removed the 1-to-1 Question Type from the Survey section of the platform.
  • We introduced 1-to-1 question sets instead, which now live in the 1-to-1 section of the platform.
  • Essentially, 1-to-1 question sets behave exactly as a 1-to-1 question-type survey did - it has just moved section within the platform.
  • We decided it was cleaner and a better user experience for 1-to-1 questions to live in the 1-to-1 section of the platform rather than as part of the surveys function.

What is a 1-to-1 question set?

  • A 1-to-1 question set is a list of questions to be answered in a 1-to-1.
  • You can create a question set and then add it to a 1-to-1 template during the creation flow.
  • For example:
    • Employee 1-to-1 Happiness Questions 
    • Performance review 1-to-1 Questtions
  • Please note: these were previously known as "1-to-1 question type surveys" in the Survey section. Please read below for more info on this.



How do I add a 1-to-1 question set? 

Step 1: Select Add 1-to-1 question set in the navigation dropdown


Step 2: Add a title for your question set


Step 3: Add questions that you would like to be answered in the 1-to-1


Step 4: Done!

You can either press done or go straight into Add 1-to-1 template - where you will be able to create a new template and add your new question set in.



How do I report on a 1-to-1 question set? 

  • You can report on 1-to-1 question sets on the new tab here (see image below). 
  • If you scroll along the table, you will see the option to view report.
  • If you press view report, you will be able to see all responses - exactly the same way that viewing Survey responses work.


You can then view reporting exactly as you would expect:


How do I add a 1-to-1 question set to a 1-to-1 template? 

Adding a 1-to-1 question set to a 1-to-1 template is simple and easy. It works in the exact same way as adding a survey used to work.

1) Enter the 1-to-1 template creation flow 


Step 2: Adding questions

Here is where you can add a question set. You will be able to select a 1-to-1 question set from the dropdown:


Video explainer here:

We hope this article helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.