What file types do we accept or not accept?

Read this article to find out which file types we do and don't accept.

If you're wondering which file types we do and don't accept, read on to find out!

Accepted file extensions


We support popular web, consumer and professional media formats.


We use AWS ElasticTranscoder for transcoding uploaded files to mp4 format.


Q. What input formats does AWS ElasticTranscoder support?

A. It supports popular web, consumer and professional media formats. Examples include 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, and MPEG-2. If there's a format you've found that does not work, please let them know through their forum.


It supports any file type and pass to AWS for transcoding (to mp4 format) if the mime type is correct and contains 'video' - for example 'video/mp4, video/x-flv, video/quicktime, ...'


You can use any audio format but if you want compatibility use mp3 or mp4.


More details:

We display audio player if the file mime type contains 'audio' - for example, 'audio/mpeg, audio/ogg', but some browsers have very limited support for audio formats - mainly Internet Explorer and Safari.

Files and documents

No limitations (other than the blacklist below).


Images and avatars

We accept the following file types: jpg, png, gif.



Only 'zip' files are allowed.

More details:

A SCORM content package is a self-contained ZIP file containing certain contents defined by the SCORM standard. The file is known as a Package Interchange File (PIF) and it contains all files needed to deliver the content package via a SCORM run-time environment and/or learning management system (LMS).

Other E-learning options:

  • xAPI
  • AICC
  • CMI5

Can you embed content

Yes, our 'Page builder' tool has advanced settings which allow you to paste an embed code. What can be added? Anything that has an embed! Consider things like 

  • H5p
  • Google Docs
  • Prezi
  • Much more - try it and see!

Blacklisted file extensions that we do not accept:

  • 'exe' 
  • 'php'
  • 'rb'
  • 'msi'
  • 'bat'
  • 'sh'
  • 'js'
  • 'jar'
  • 'vb'
  • 'vbs'
  • 'dll'
  • 'sfx'
  • 'tmp'
  • 'py'
  • 'msp'
  • 'com'
  • 'zip'
  • 'rar'
  • '7z'

The only exception for this is SCORM where 'zip' files are allowed.