What does "My CPD" page show?

Learn about what the "My CPD" shows.

This article will explain what the "My CPD" tab on your user profile shows. 

1. How do I find the "My CPD" tab? 

Click your avatar image in the top navigation bar.


When you arrive at your profile, select the CPD tab to view your CPD.


2. What does my CPD tab show? 

Section A: Tiles 

  • The tiles at the top show target CPD points for your current CPD cycle.
  • So, if you are currently enrolled on a CPD scheme which runs from 01 January 2021 - 30 July 2021,  and the date is within that, then the tiles will show the target and points earned for the current scheme.
  • So it will be Target CPD Points for the current CPD scheme you are enrolled in, and then the points earned and not yet earned.


Section B: Table

  • The table refers to all CPD activities within the chosen date range (please see the date range selector in the image below). 
  • The table will display all CPD activities carried out within the dates of 16th April - 16th October 2021 in the example below.