What can 'Team Managers' do?

Find out about the additional permissions which Team Managers get.

What happens when someone is a 'Team Manager'?

- In addition to their main role (e.g. Learner, Curator, etc), if someone is a Team Manager they will be granted extra permissions.

- This mainly involves being able to add content and assessments for members of their Team.

- In addition, they will be granted permissions not just for the Teams of which they’re a manager (the ‘Parent team’), but also the Sub-teams that are below the Parent Team.


For the Parent Teams they manage and the sub-teams below them *only*, they can:

  • Add tasks 
  • View assessments 
  • View reports on assessment and content
  • View all saved reports
  • Add 1-to-1s, and edit the ones they’ve created
  • View 1-to-1s 
  • Add objectives 
  • Make and approve budget requests

Stand-in Manager

  • A stand-in manager will get full manager rights when the original manager is listed as on a break.
  • A stand-in manager will have full access to the original manager's direct reports' information - so please use this with caution
  • The original manager will lose their rights while the stand-in is in place, and their rights will be restored to them once they're marked as active again. 

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