What are the refresh limits for Groups?

To ensure that the system is fast and performant, there are some 'fair usage' limits to groups

For Learn Amp to provide value across its features, the system has to be fast and performant. This means that we have to apply some fair usage rules across our features to get the balance between providing value and ensuring that the system processes efficiently.

What limits do groups have?

You can have a maximum of 50 groups 'active' at any one time.

  • Hourly refresh: A maximum of 5 can refresh every hour
  • 6 hourly refresh: A maximum of 10 can refresh every 6 hours

Note that if the maximum is not used up of any of the categories with more frequent refresh rate - they can be 'taken up' by the less frequent level. For example if you have no hourly refresh groups, you can add an additional five 6 hourly refresh, or daily refresh group. This maximum is reflected in the brackets above

We recommend that you make full use of the 'Active' and 'Inactive' states to make the most of your limits


How are groups toggled between active an inactive?

When editing a group you can use the toggle at the top of the page to switch

Alternatively, you can apply batch actions to deactivate multiple groups at once