What are the different survey types?

Learn about the different survey types on our platform.

When you're creating a survey, you'll notice that there are different types of Surveys that you can set. 

In this article, we'll explain the differences.

Please note that in 2021, we moved the "1-to-1 survey question type" and converted them into 1-to-1 question sets. For more information, please read our article here.


Choose Survey type, depending on your needs:

  • Regular - Issue a survey with a deadline and an optional cycle.

    Example use cases: 

    • Summer Party 2019 Feedback Survey
    • Employee Happiness Feedback Survey
    • Induction Survey - how was the process for you?
    • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Content - Add a survey to a Learnlist or Channel. For example, you could use it to ask your employees what they think about a certain topic or a Learnlist.

    Example use cases:

    • Was this Channel/Learnlist helpful?
    • Content/Channel/Learnlist Feedback Survey
    • Content Understanding Survey 

  • Observation - Use it to create a survey of questions (for example when you need feedback after a meeting).

    Example use cases:

    • Rate John's performance
    • Ideas for the next Happy Friday activity
    • Thoughts and observations about the new process
    • Employee of the month nomination

Steps included in the creation process will vary depending on the type:

Step 3: Recipients

Depending on the survey type, you can choose different options as to who will receive it.

  • Regular - send the survey to all users, selected Individual/ Team /Group or all users expect selected.
  • Content - survey will be available to all users who have the Learnlist/Channel assigned to them. 1111234567
  • Observation - choose managers/ coaches or teams of selected managers and decide, whether users should fill in the survey on their or someone else's behalf.


If you would like to learn more about Survey feature, please click here.