What are the different item types?

Learn about the different item types you can create in the platform.

When adding content to the platform, you'll notice that there are five different item types:

  • Action 
  • A file upload
  • Weblink 
  • E-learning
  • Custom page builder 

This article will talk through these different item types.



1. Action

An Action is typically an offline activity that must be completed by an individual. You'll now be able to track these in Learn Amp too.


Some examples might be:

  • Attend an industry event
  • Have a coffee with your mentor
  • Give a company-wide presentation
  • Meet our CEO for face-to-face chat


2. File upload 

You can also upload files to the platform.

For our list of accepted file types, please click here

In this section of the platform we accept most common file types, such as Word docs, PDFs, .mov files, etc.

You can simply drag a file from your folder to upload, or browse your files. 



Other users will then be able to download this document to view it. 


3. Weblink 

Adding links to websites is quick and easy in Learn Amp. 

Simply copy and paste the page you would like to link to: 


The item will appears as follows: 

Users will be able to click the "Take me there" button and be taken straight to the webpage.


4. E-learning 

You can upload SCORM 2004 or 1.2 files. 

Your uploaded E-learning course will then play within the Learn Amp platform and be fully interactive.


5. Custom page builder

A custom page build is free from the restraints of the other item types, and instead you can insert your own material into this page and 'build' it as you wish.


You can also choose between the Simple vs Advanced editor

For more information on this, please view our article about this editor here

What are some example use cases for a custom page?  

You can use the custom page builder for a variety of use cases, but some examples might be: 

  • A company announcement - using custom text format and images 
  • A way to upload multiple images as one item 
  • Checklists 


We hope that helps! Please get in touch with support@learnamp.com if you have any further queries.