Reports on Surveys

Learn how to view reports on surveys and download survey responses in a CSV format.

With Learn Amp, it is easy and convenient to view reporting on survey responses. You can also download survey responses in a CSV format.


This article will explain how.

First of all, head to the survey section:


Here, you will be able to view company surveys.


To gain a more in-depth insight into the results of these surveys, click 'View Report'


Question Summary vs Individual Responses

Question summary:

- If you select 'Question summary' you will be able to compare multiple users' answers in one go, in the form of graphs.

- This is useful to gain an overall picture of the survey responses, and by looking at the graphs you can easily and quickly see users' opinions.


Individual responses:

- If you select 'Individual responses', you will be able to isolate a specific user's answers to look at.

- This is useful if there is a particular user whose responses you would like to see.



Downloading survey responses in a CSV format

- By clicking the button above, you can easily download the survey data into CSV format.

- You will then be able to see all the responses in an Excel sheet (e.g. see the image below).