Structuring Tags

Adding tags when you are creating or editing an item.

When you are creating or editing an item, you will see that you can add 'Tags'. 

This article will advise you on how best to choose tags for your item. 


What is the purpose of tags?

There are two main purposes of tags in the site:

  • Searching and filtering:  You will notice that on various parts of the site you can filter by tag. This makes it much easier to find the content you're looking for. 
  • 'More like this' content: The recommendations that are included in the 'More like this content' are, in part, created by Tags. For more info about this, please read our article here.

First of all, how do I add tags?

- To add a tag (or tags), simply write the word into the search box to search for it.

- Suggestions will pop up, and you can choose from any of those, or you can add a completely new tag.


As you can see, you will be able to add multiple tags:


In what order do the tags show up?

- When you begin to search for a tag, you'll see that suggestions pop up.

- If you search for a key word, the one with the highest number of entries will show at the top.


Choosing tags for your item

- If you have an item that deals with a very general topic, such as an article titled 'What is marketing?' then you could attach the tag 'Marketing'.

- This could be described as a top level tag.


- If you have an item that is more specific, but still part of a wider topic, then you could attach tags pertaining to both these things.

- For example, if you have a video titled 'Top 10 ways to optimise your SEO', which is specifically about SEO, but also falls under the umbrella section of Marketing, then you ought to tag both

- In this example, 'Marketing' would be considered the top level tag, whereas 'SEO' would be considered a sub level tag.

In summary:

- We recommend attaching both top level tags (more general, umbrella terms) and also sub level tags (more specific - smaller parts of a wider topic area).


This will make searching for content much easier and more convenient.



- If you have any items relating to compliance training, then please tag it as 'compliance', because we are expecting to add additional functionalities for this tag shortly.