Setting up the PeopleHR Integration

Set up new starters automatically (and sync existing users) via PeopleHR. Keep all your data in sync.

Why set up the People HR integration?

  • Have new joiners set up automatically
  • Sync all existing users
  • Full name, Email, Team, and Job title pulled in automatically 

How do I get access to the People HR integration

The Learn Amp team will need to enable the integration for you to access the details. Please contact us to get this set up for you. After this, the setup will be visible for admins and owners by clicking their profile image > Integrations > People HR 


Is there anything I need to do before setting up?

Setting up teams and managers

We advise that you map your teams and managers before setting up the integration.

The reason for this is that the manager is set on the individual within People HR whereas within Learn Amp, your 'Primary Team' dictates your manager (whoever manages your 'Primary Team' manages you, if your Primary Team changes, your manager changes.

By setting up the teams and their managers first, users will automatically slot into the right team and be assigned the right manager for them.

Managers can view team members' details, objectives, 1-to-1s, set tasks for them, etc.


Set up teams and managers:

  1. Invite your managers in via bulk CSV upload  (+ icon > People > Many users > Upload CSV) [< 5 mins]
  2. Set up your teams, including listing who the manager is (+ icon > Team > fill in details) [< 5 mins]

(View our ideas on future improvements to the way teams and managers will be set up at the bottom of this article)


How do I get the integration set up?

Note: All users must have a valid email address  in PeopleHR for the integration to work

  1. Log in as an administrator to your People HR account.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on API (you may need to contact People HR Customer Service, and request that they activate the API for your account) 
  4. Paste the Webhook URL shown above, into the Webhook URL field
  5. Click the + plus icon, to add an API Key. 
  6. Key name: Learnamp
  7. IP Address: Leave this field blank.
  8. In the 'Application' table, click on 'Employee'
  9. Select 'Get All Employee Detail' and 'Get Employee Detail By Id' 
  10. Click 'Save', Employee should now be highlighted in green.
  11. Click 'Save'
  12. Your API key should now be generated. Click The 'Copy' icon, to copy the API Key to your clipboard.
  13. Paste your API key into the Api Key field above, and click 'Save' on this page.


Optional filters:

  • Company: In PeopleHR you can assign people to different 'Companies', if for example they are a freelancer, or work under a parent company. By adding the correct name in this field, it will only pull people from the selected company
  • Inviting new joiners: 
    • Immediately when added to PeopleHR: This is best used if you add users to PeopleHR on the day that they officially join and/or if you want them to join Learn Amp before their official start date e.g. for pre-boarding
    • Delay until their start date: Best used if you want them to be invited to PeopleHR and Learn Amp on the same day. Particularly useful if you have a lot of new joiners due, and would prefer to upload them all at once to PeopleHR, but not have them invited to either system until their start date.

Primary team in Learn Amp:

The primary team within Learn Amp can dictate who the user's manager is:

  • Use PeopleHR 'Department': The Department field within PeopleHR most closely maps to what we call teams. Select this for Department to be made the primary team within Learn Amp
  • Use the first team each user is added to: This means that once a user is added to a team within Learn Amp, this will become their Primary Team, skipping the department field

Secondary & other teams in Learn Amp:

  • A user's primary team will be pulled in via the department's field of the PeopleHR integration.
  • If you want a user to be part of any other team (i.e. a secondary, or tertiary team), then you will need to add these other teams in via Learn Amp itself for each user.


How do I make sure the users Sync?

Users are synced at least 24 hours, but will be 'immediately'* synced if...

  • They are invited to PeopleHR and match the criteria above (e.g. start date = today)
  • Sync users button is pressed 

Note Immediate means that the action will be immediately sent to the queue, sometimes at time of peak traffic, there may be minor delays.


Future improvements to teams and managers

We recently added a field called 'Override manager' which effectively sets the manager on the individual. With this in mind we are looking to introduce the following setting:

How should managers be handled?

  1. Set manager at an individual level: Directly match the data in People HR, by setting a manager on an individual using our 'Override manager' setting
  2. Set manager at a team level: When the first user is added to a team, take their manager as the manager of that team



Please let us know if you need any further help or have any suggestions for improvements to this article: