Scoring Rubrics

This article will explain scoring rubrics - how to create them and how to use them.

What is a scoring rubric?

- Scoring rubrics are a way to give consistent grading to an assessment where the answers aren't binary (either "correct" or "incorrect). E.g. a piece of writing, or work that could be more subjective and require a scoring matrix to help give a fair score.

- Scoring rubrics act as a scoring guide to evaluate written responses.

- They can be used to create consistent criteria for grading.

In particular, within the Learn Amp system, they can be especially useful when paired with Exercises. Often, exercises involve writing free text or videos - and so the scoring rubrics can be used to measure responses and assure, that the managers can score employees' performance consistently.

How to create a scoring rubric

Step 1: Assess > Scoring Rubrics 


Step 2: Actions > Add scoring rubric


+ icon > Assessment > Scoring Rubric 


Step 3: Fill in Title and Description


Step 4: Fill in Questions

Create the rubric: add fields that are being assessed, grades, and assessment criteria, decide the marking method.

Here is the blank version:

Here is an example version of one that might be filled out:

Topic area – describe what is being assessed

Quality level - decide what grades are obtainable

Add Description - decide on the criteria of the grade in regards to the topic area.

Score Calculations - you can decide the min/max score and assign it automatically to the Quality levels set or Manually redistribute the points


Step 5: Edit settings

What does it mean to 'Show scoring descriptions to scored user'?

- If you do show scored descriptions to scored users, then the descriptions will be visible to them and they can use the descriptors to improve their score.

- If you do not check the box, the user will not be able to see the scored descriptions.


- you can check how the scoring rubric will appear.

How to attach a Scoring Rubric to an Exercise

When creating an Exercise, on step 5: Completion, you'll have the option to attach a Scoring Rubric and define how it will behave:

Scoring rubrics and exercises

- As mentioned above, the main function of scoring rubrics within the Learn Amp system is to mark exercise assessments (i.e. written pieces of work, video recordings of answers, etc).

- To find out more about creating an exercise, please read the following article: