Providing translations

Occasionally we have customers who want to provide translations for us. Here are some top tips

By default, we machine translate all our languages. Whilst this works well for the majority of the UI, there are sometimes issues with the odd phrase or issue. We find customers do one of two things:

  1. Pay for human translations
  2. Provide us with relevant translations to import

This guide discusses some top tips for option 2:

  • Only edit the phrases: To make sure that there are no errors with the import make sure that you only add edits to the column for the relevant language. So this means...
    • Don't edit the 'Key' column - this helps us to identify the right phrase to translate
    • Don't add any additional columns, rows etc. - if you want to share any comments with us you can do so over email, or even send us a separate document if you wish!
  • Don't worry about skipping: Any phrases you skip, will remain as they are 
  • Code phrases: Some phrases include code, be extra careful to preserve these:
    • Anything in curly brackets, keep as it is (keep in English and with the correct bracket structure.
      • e.g. 'Click to view the report %{report}' 
    • For pluralisations keep the 'One:'and 'Other:', only translate the phrases themselves  
      •  e.g. 'One: Learnlist, Other: Learnlists'
  • Empty + odd phrases: There may be some empty translations and / or some phrases that seem highly technical. Don't worry, we suggest...:
    • Any blanks may just be where we've not yet updated the field. If you want to provide us with a translation this will work otherwise we can update this ourselves
    • Some phrases may seem very technical or slightly unusual. If you wish to 'skip' these, then that's fine - we can always do another import or update that specific field later
  • Saving in CSV: The file is provided in a CSV format, please save it as a CSV before sending across

If you follow these steps closely, the import process should be relatively straightforward.


If you have any questions please email