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Task not assigning to the user

Learn how to solve most common issues with tasks.

The article below describes most common reasons for Tasks not to show for users after being assigned. Click here for more info on how to create and assign Tasks.

1. They already completed content assigned

If a user has already completed a piece of content, and they are tasked with it, they won't be required to complete it again (the system will skip over them).
UNLESS you select the option to send even if the user has already completed the task:


2. Channel isn't showing on to-do-list

Channels assigned as tasks will not show on to-do-list.

Instead, they will display on "Assigned Channels" widget, which can be added to the Dashboard via "Add Widget" button > Assigned Channels.

Once the Channel is completed, it will be removed from the "Assigned Channels" widget and - depending on visibility setting - it will become accessible on "Visible Channels" widget instead.