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Learn Amp Feature Releases

Check in here to see the latest feature releases at Learn Amp

August 2021: 

  • Go1 Integration: We're excited to launch our integration with Go1! With the Go1 integration, you can seamlessly sync content to your platform. This includes over 70,000 courses curated from from 196 of the top e-learning providers. Read more here.
  • New step-by-step flow for adding a team: We've converted adding a team into a step-by-step flow to give it a fresh new look and feel.
  • Additional 1-to-1 filters: We've added filters to the 1-to-1 Assigned Cycles tab, as well as a modal to show users assigned to each cycle,  so that it's easier to locate a user within a certain cycle and remove them if needs be.
  • Skills: We launched our brand new Skills feature. This will allow your users to select skills they're interested in to drive personalised recommendations, rate skills and track progress, compare ratings to a manager's or their own targets, and more. Read our Q&A herePlease note this is toggled off by default. If you'd like to enable it, please get in touch.
  • Discover page: Alongside Skills, we've launched a new page to help you discover content. The Discover page shows content recommendations, trending content, and content to match your chosen skills or tags. 

July 2021: 

  • Additional filters in individuals page: We have added extra filters on the Individuals page so that you can now filter by "location" and "username". 
  • 1-to-1 on 12 week cycle: You can now set 1-to-1s to recur on a 12-week cycle.
  • LinkedIn Learning integration: We're excited to announce the launch of our LinkedIn Learning integration. Your learners will have seamless access to Learning content between LinkedIn and your platform. Read more here.
  • Performance optimisations: We're constantly working on improving platform performance, to root out any issues and ensure the site is running as smoothly as possible.
  • 1-to-1 Question Sets: We have moved the survey type called "1-to-1 Questions", into the 1-to-1 area and renamed them "1-to-1 Question Sets". This enables reporting on 1-to-1 question responses, separated from survey reporting. Read more here
  • Notification for learner-added items: When a learner adds an item which is added by a curator, they will now get a notification email letting them know their content has been approved.
  • Team filters on Q&A and discussion: In the company settings area (Content > Discussion and Q&A) you can now enable Q&A and Discussion posts to be filtered by Team. 

June 2021: 

  • Groups: We improved the design of the "Manage groups" page, adding quick search and batch actions. Groups can now be marked as "Inactive" meaning they will not be refreshed automatically.
  • Admins adding users: We made a small update to the admin role - so that the default is that they can add/edit/delete users. 
  • Objective reminder emails: New regular reminder emails, with company settings for how often they should be sent, to remind users to update their objectives and KPIs.
  • Improved confirmation step when inviting a user: We've improved the confirmation step when inviting a user. You'll now see the name of the user. 
  • Better email/login name validation: Improved validation so that a user cannot be invited in with the same email or login name that already belongs to someone else on the platform.
  • Email notification settings: Under your Profile & Preferences section, each user can now choose which email notifications they would like to receive, for areas such as: Tasks, Surveys, 1-to-1s, and more.
  • Improved tech performance: We have been working on tech improvements behind the scenes, so that the platform runs faster and more smoothly.

May 2021:

  • Improved survey templates: We now have improved survey templates, which allow users to create three different types (Regular, Learning, and Observation).
  • Draft/published state on surveys: Draft/Published state on surveys showing in Manage Surveys area, to make it clearer which surveys have been issued and which haven't.
  • New review step within survey flow: We now show a new review step on survey issuing flow, so user can preview exactly what is about to happen.
  • Performance improvements to Task issuing: Performance improvements to Task issuing, to make issuing out Company-wide etc. tasks much faster. We hope you notice the speed improvement!
  • Activity Log performance improvements: We have made improvements on the backend to speed up the Activity Log page. 
  • Move to AWS: Our servers are now hosted on AWS and we are hoping this greatly improves site speed for all users. 


April 2021:

  • Broken link checker: We now have a background checker, to check for broken item urls, and report into our Admin area. This will help us to weed out broken links faster.
  • New onboarding steps: The onboarding process for new users has had a redesign, and collects more useful information (such as job title and bio description) from each user.
  • Report an issue: All users can now report an issue with content, if they find a broken link or inappropriate content.
  • Bulk Team CSV import: You can now import multiple teams in one go, using the new importer. 
  • Bulk user deactivation: You can now import a CSV to bulk deactivate users on the platform.
  • Content partner pages: If you're interested in viewing our content partners (e.g. Microlearn, Anders Pink, etc) you can view them all in one place in our new page.
  • Audit log performance improvements: We've improved the Audit Log so that there are fewer timeouts when there is a lot of data to be displayed.
  • Reports overhaul:  Saving reports from applied filters on Content/People/Task/Activity logs is now in a modal. We also now have a clearer UI around who can see report. There's more granular control over setting up email cycle to notify people to check report.
  • Database optimisations: On our tech side, we have been making performance improvements to make the site load faster. 
  • Improved user invite flow: When inviting a user into the platform, we have improved the UX so it's a multi-step process and you're able to add more user information in.

March 2021: 

  • Wistia videos: We now support embedding of Wistia videos.
  • Learnlist/Channel improvements: We've made some improvements to Learnlist and Channel completion progress calculations.
  • Performance improvements: We've made improvements to the tile progress bar and content log. On the backend we've also replaced a database session store to improve experience. 
  • Occurrences page [1-to-1s]: New "Occurrences" page, under 3-pips on Assigned Cycles for surveys, to show all the times a given survey was issued, and to view Responses per occurrence. Also some tweaks to survey issuing logic.
  • Survey template responses: Allow viewing of responses if the survey is a template type. E.g. if it was previously issued as a survey, but then converted into a template. 
  • Search improvements: We've improved the search algorithms, so that it's easier for you to find content.  Company content is boosted over library content when keywords match in both.
  • Invitation reminder: A reminder email is sent after 2 days to any users who have not accepted their invite email.
  • Quiz flow rework: Adding a new quiz is now in a step-by-step process.

February 2021: 

  • Dashboards: Further work on dashboards so that we can get them live to all customers by the end of the quarter.
  • Widgets: More improvements around the widgets that will be displayed on dashboards, including the Recommendations Channel widget and To Do LIst widget. 
  • Performance improvements: Performance improvements and site speed were a big focus for us this quarter. We've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to improve your experience on the platform.
  • Skeleton screens: We've added more 'skeleton loading screens' around the platform, to improve user experience. 
  • Reordering channels and learnlists - improved: We've updated the drag and drop functionality when reordering Channels and Learnlists, to auto scroll the page for better UX.
  • Learner added Learnlists: Users can now create their own hidden learnlists, including learners. Please note this is toggled off by default - please get in touch if you'd like it enabled.
  • PDF full-text search: When enabled, uploaded PDFs will be processed for full text extraction, and indexing into our quick search. Please note this is toggled off by default - please get in touch if you'd like it enabled.

January 2021 


  • Dashboards: We've made a huge change to the homepage for all users, introducing Dashboards with customisable views and widgets. We are rolling this out to customers gradually, with all customers moving over by the end of Q1 2021.
  • Widgets: Along with Dashboard, we have created over 40 customisable widgets. 
  • Page load performance improvements: We've made some large changes in our core code structure to improve page loading speed. Pages should load much more quickly now. 
  • Groups refresh interval: The interval at which Groups refresh can be set anywhere from. 1 hour to 1 week. 
  • Skeleton loading screens: We've improved our loading screen experience, by replacing spinners with shadowed loading screens.
  • More nuanced manager settings: In the Company Settings > Manager section, you're now able to select whether Manager can mark content as complete for their direct reports or not.

December 2020 

company settings gif

  • Filter items by time: You can now filter items by how long content takes. 
  • Video time tracking: The platform will automatically track the time taken for watching a video. This is now shown for videos in the Activity Log.
  • Objectives: The default objective type for non-admins is now "Individual" rather than "Self-directed". 
  • Improved login: We have removed case-sensitivity for emails when logging in to the platform, to improve the sign-in process.
  • Manager Permissions: There's now a new tab on Company Settings [People Page] to allow much more granular control of what managers are allowed to do within the account. 
  • Content Log CSV export: This has been improved so that there's now one row per assigned user, to make the data export more useful.
  • Improved CPD filtering: There's now a CPD Fixed filter on all tabs of the CPD log.
  • Duplicating Channels: Improved Channel duplication log which allows associated content and Exercises to be cloned. 

November 2020

colourful login gif

  • CPD improvements: CPD Settings for "allow users to add CPD", "require a reflection", and "require sign off".
  • CPD user submissions: CPD user submissions, with Reflection (similar to exercise submission).
  • Improved SSO log in UX: We've updated login button colours, to make the preferred login 'strategy' more prominent.
  • CPD page:  CPD submission sign-off page.
  • Improved CSV export loading: CSV export on People List is now async, to avoid time outs etc. Also fixes issues around character encoding of CSV export.
  • Support side bar is now visible: Show the Support side bar, to all users except "learner" roles. Information about Support Tickets is still only visible to Owners and Admins. 
  • Objectives CSV export: You can now export Objectives. 
  • Improved tip around Managed Users tab: Info box on "managed users" tab, to explain exactly who you are seeing and why.
  • 1-to-1 Cycles CSV export: You can now export these. 
  • Improved flow around adding content to Learnlists: Improvements when Adding content to a Learnlist or Channel, to correctly re-direct the user back.
  • New Profiles & Preferences: Improved UX around this, and all settings for the user (like email/password/profile details etc etc) are now in one place.
  • New "Company Settings" section: All settings like Colours, branding, logos, emails, feature settings etc, are also now in one place.
  • Custom branding per Team: Per primary team branding. This is behind a company feature toggle.
  • Expertise: The options for a user adding expertise to their own Profile is now limited by company. Companies all have their own list of expertise tags.
  • Anonymous surveys: Better description around Anonymous Surveys, on the add/edit surveys flow.




October 2020 

oct feature releases gif

  • Improved video transcoding: We now facilitate video transcoding at 1080p for higher resolution videos. 720p is now the default video playback resolution. 
  • Escalation policies: Ability to set up notification rules, to email key people when someone has been consistently overdue on 1-to-1s, CPD, Surveys, or Tasks. 
  • CPD mailers: Email notifications around overdue CPD targets. 
  • Video/Audio recording: Our video and audio recorders have been updated to the latest versions in order to improve quality. 
  • CSV Export improvements: Pages where a CSV export has been triggered, but not yet downloaded, will always show the alert that a CSV export is processing/ready to download, even after user navigates away, and then comes back. This way users can queue long running exports, and always find them again.
  • CPD points as filters: Filter by CPD points/hours on Manage Items page and the Content log.
  • Event info download improvements: The Add to Calendar, .ics file download, now has much better time zone information, and so will import better into foreign timezone calendars.
  • Learnlist Summary Page: A summary page which appears at the end of a Learnlist which gives a breakdown of your score, as well as letting you know if you've won any CPD points or a certificate. Please note, this feature is currently behind a toggle

September 2020

September gif

  • Recent Images library: Rather than upload the same tile image every time, there is now a "Recent images" link that allows a user to choose form all the recent images that have been uploaded by the company. This feature is available on Items, Learnlist, Events and Quizzes, for the tile image.
  • Improved Recurrence Settings: Tasks, Surveys, and 1-to-1s all have the same recurrence options now, with more flexible recurrence.
  • Improved user searching: We've improved the quick search that appears on the Individuals Page. We now have a better weighting of results by name as opposed to other keywords.
  • Batch Action Tagging on Channels and Quizzes: On both the Manage Channels and the Manage Quizzes page you can now use 'batch actions' to add Tags to Channels/Quizzes.
  • Groups now refresh hourly: Groups used to refresh every 12 hours, but they will now refresh every 1 hour to help with new joiner logic and improved task sequencing.
  • Reworked item form: The item form has been given a fresh new look in-keeping with the rest of the site. 
  • Reworked exercise form: The exercise form has been given a fresh new look in-keeping with the rest of the site. 
  • Anonymous surveys: We now facilitate anonymous surveys. All participants' data (including email, IP address, meta data) will be hidden, and in reporting you'll be able to see responses but not who said them. 
  • CPD log: Improved CPD log, now with expandable rows to show what the user was awarded points/hours for. 
  • Review setting: You now have the option of whether or not to prompt for a rating/review when a user completes a piece of content. 
  • Auto-resume video playback: A video will now 'remember' where the user is, and give them the option to resume playback.
  • Auto-complete Video/Audio: Video and Audio content can now be set to automatically mark the item as complete, when playback is complete. 

August 2020 

august side panel GIF

  • Refresh URL checkbox on Item/Learnlist/Event forms: If the title changes, then the admin may want to force a refresh of the URL slug to match the new title. This is not possible. 
  • Scoring Rubrics: We now allow custom split/weighting of points per column of the matrix.
  • Add Tags to Quizzes: You can now add Tags to quizzes, and filter by them on Manage Quizzes.
  • External contributors: Allows the 'Added by' person for content and also the 'Host' for event sessions to be someone without a Learn Amp account (e.g. a guest blogger, editor, etc). Please note that this feature needs to be toggled on - please get in touch with us if you are interested.
  • Bulk issuing of OKRs: Objectives can now be set in bulk using Objective Presets, and for selected Individuals/Teams/Groups/Company. 
  • Support Side Panel: Slide-in panel for supporting Admins and Owners by linking them to the Knowledge Base, letting them know about new feature updates, and upcoming webinars. This can be accessed by the icon in the top navigation bar.
  • Learner-added content improvements: If this feature is toggled on for your company... All users will now see the icon in the top navigation bar, and they will now. be able to add any kind of content (except uploading elearning content). They'll be able to pick from a list of curators to send to, and curators receive an email notification to approve/reject the content submission.
  • Plyr video player: We've updated to the latest version of Plyr video player, which should improve MP4 format and general video support experience. 
  • Location notification - Slack and MS Teams: When setting up Slack or MS Teams notifications via the integration, you can now set 'Newly added Location' as a trigger for notification into a channel. 
  • Tasks - New joiners only: For Tasks set to "New joiners only", recurrence can now be set up - so that when a new joiner starts they can be set an individual recurring task. 

July 2020 

july 20 recordit gif

  • New 'Action' type: You can now add an 'Action' to cover activities that employees carry out, such as 'give a presentation', that are not content but still need to have things like Exercise submissions, tasks and marking as complete.
  • Taking a Break feature: Any user can now be marked as 'taking a break'. They will appear as such on all logs, and the user will not receive any emails from Learn Amp. This feature can be used for employees who are on holiday, maternity leave, sabbatical, etc. 
  • CPD filters on the Library: If your company has CPD enabled, the items search page now has CPD points filter. 
  • Exercise Manual sign-off: Exercise submissions can be marked passed/failed, which triggers completion/failure activity for the user. 
  • Button colour: Company button colours can now be chosen in Company Settings. 
  • Display added by: Item forms now have the option to 'Display added by' on the items page. 
  • Task log - 'Assigned at': The Task log now has a new 'Assigned at' column to see when the task was actually assigned to the user. You can now also set filters on this date. 
  • New user drop down: User drop-downs now show job role and a job title, to avoid confusion between users of the same name.
  • MS Teams: MS Teams is now integrated with the Events feature, so events automatically set up Teams Meetings.
  • Task log - additional filters: The Task log now has And/Or filtering (in the same way as the Content and People logs). This means that task related reports can now be saved, emailed out etc, and allows for more complex reporting such as "Show me everyone overdue for X or Y item".



June 2020

employee directory gif

  • New content log: It's now much easier to see all assigned content as well as numbers of content Assigned or Completed - with expandable rows to show users.
  • New integrations page: We've given our integrations pages a facelift! We hope this makes 'set up' and 'how to use' instructions a lot clearer.
  • Certificates expiry date:  Certificates can now be set to expire, either on a fixed or dynamic setting. 
  • MS Teams integration: Our MS Teams integration is now live! For more information, please head to the integrations page, or don't hesitate to get in touch.
  • Email address not-unique: Several 'users' can now share the exact same email address, provided their Company is different each time. 
  • Discussion and Q&A on Channels: Last month we introduced a new Discussion and Q&A tool - these will now be available on Channels in addition to Items and Learnlists.
  • Employee/Member Directory: For Community accounts there is now a Member Directory, which shows all individuals on the platform and their expertise, company, industry and company size. Note: This is also available for Company accounts but as an Employee Directory, showing all employees on the platform and their expertise.
  • New user profile: For Community accounts the user profile now has a new display. 
  • Export Content log CSV: You can now export all the data in the Content log into a CSV file. 

May 2020 

Batch tag

  • Adding tags as a Batch action: You can now quickly add tags as a batch action to Items and Learnlists. Just go to Batch action!
  • Filtering by tag: You can now quickly filter Items and Learnlists by tags. 
  • Udemy for Business Integration: Exciting news, we now integrate with Udemy for Business! This can be set up for individual companies at your request. This will include import items from Udemy and reporting.
  • Account Switcher: We now allow the ability to link user accounts, either within a company or across different companies, so that you can one-click switch between them. 
  • Virus scanning improvements: We've made an update to the latest virus scanning library, making the platform even more secure. 
  • Performance: We've made improvements to background jobs, to make the site even more smooth and efficient.
  • Slack integration improvements: Our Slack integration is new and improved! There are now many more options around what is posted in Slack. 
  • Filter by Average Star Rating: Manage Items and Manage Learnlist pages now have an Average Star Ratig filter.
  • New 'Views count' filter on Manage Items page: You can now filter by number of times viewed (with more than/less than) within a date range. 

April 2020

adding self content gif

  • CSV Exports: You can now add custom fields to all CSV exports.
  • Item Templates:  We now have a brand new way to add Items into the system, as you can see a whole range of different types of items and templates for them. This makes adding Items simpler and easier. 
  • Survey Templates: With just one click, you can now add a pre-built survey into your company's account. We've added a whole range of Survey templates (e.g. Employee Engagement, Event ratings, and more) for you to enjoy. 
  • Task Log Batch Actions: You can now carry out batch actions within the Task Log, such as Delete, Mandatory, Change deadline, Change notification settings
  • Stand-in Manager: Within the platform you can now set a temporary substitute manager, when a manager is unwell or away on leave, etc. A different user can be marked as their stand-in, and complete 1-to-1s and perform other manager duties.
  • Multiple recipients for Inbox Messages: The Inbox feature has been improved to allow group messaging. 
  • Change deadline for multiple Tasks: The platform will now send email notifications and in-app notifications  when Task deadlines are updated via batch actions.
  • SCORM player update: We've updated to the latest version of SCORM player, which should help resolve any existing issues.  
  • Q&A improvement: The Q&A tab will now sit at the bottom of the page underneath an Item or Learnlist.
  • New Discussion tab: On Items and Learnlists you now have the option to add a Discussions tab below, to facilitate discussion on topics. 
  • Ratings summary: In the same area as the new Q&A and Discussion tab, you have the option to show a clickable summary of star ratings. 
  • Libraries: Within the new Libraries tab you can now see all the content libraries you have access to, and can more easily manage your content there. Admins can also set visibility. 
  • Learner Self-Added Content: Now all user roles (including Learners) can add their own Items. The Items will appear on their user profile, and they can also choose to submit the Item to a Curator, who can then approve (or reject) the item for the Company library. 


March 2020 

Categories March2020 Features list GIF

  • Manager Survey Issuing: We've added new intelligent drop-downs, so that only users managed by selected managers or appear in selected Teams will appear. 
  • Dynamic Tasks: We're excited to introduce you to Dynamic Tasks! You can now set dynamic issue and deadline dates for Tasks, and allow Tasks to be automatically assigned to new joiners - whether to a new Team, Group, or Company as a whole.
  • Managed Users selector: This update will make viewing for Managers much easier! Managers can now view all log content by the users they manage. 
  • View Survey Reporting: Managers can now view Survey reporting for all users that they manage. 
  • CSV export for Survey completion: The CSV export will now show the number of issued and assigned surveys, and the number of responses. 
  • Categories feature: Items can now be arranged into categories, and you can now filter and search by these categories. 
  • Host marks attendance feature: Event sessions can now be set up so that the event Host is the person who is reminded to mark attendance for the event. 
  • CSV Export for Event Session Capacity: In the Manage Events page, you can now download a CSV which will show: the capacity of event sessions, how many have enrolled, how many spaces there are, and how long the waitlist is. 

February 2020 

task modal giff

  • Fixes for duplicating a Channel or Learnlist: We've noticed that duplicating a Channel or Learnlist containing SCORM e-learning content was sometimes creating problems, so we've fixed this. 
  • New Event Search: We've made some improvements to event searching, to better handle date range searching and the ordering of results.
  • Survey Reporting fix: Survey Reports and Survey CSV results should now accurately match up.
  • Audit Log; Improvements to the Audit Log, now with line wrapping and additional information so it's easier to see what's what. 
  • Improved user deletion process: A user's email is now anonymised when deleted by an admin (i.e. removed from the company). This way, if the user is ever re-added in the future there will be no email uniqueness validation error.
  • New and improved Task Form: We've rebuilt the task form making it easier and more simple to use. It now has steps, content preview, and better display around advanced settings.
  • Survey notifications: Survey notifications will now link to the specific survey instance referred to in the notification, rather than the survey itself. 
  • Curator role - updated: You now have the option to allow Curators to add/edit/delete reports, add/edit/delete tasks, and preview users' homepages. 
  • HR role - updated: You can now allow the HR role to add/edit/delete teams and groups. You can also permit the HR role to view submitted quizzes, exercises and surveys.
  • 1-to-1 agenda points fix: 1-to-1 agenda points are no longer duplicated when a cycle is repeated via cycle recurrence. 
  • Tasks for New Joiners: On the Task form, you can now choose to assign the task to: Current & New, Current only, or New only.
  • Scheduled Tasks: You can now set a future date for all tasks, for when they will be issued.
  • Changing the browsers that we support: For added security, we've changed the browser versions that Learn Amp will be available on. For further information on this, please read our article: https://support.learnamp.com/knowledge/browsers-supported-by-learn-amp


January 2020 

certificates gif-1

  • Channels appear more quickly: We've done a total rework of cache refreshing, so that Channels appear much more quickly when they're assigned. 
  • Survey reporting: We've given Survey Reporting a facelift! It's now got some great new graphs and visualisations.
  • Events: We've redesigned Events - you can now create them using the same 'Steps' flow that we have for Surveys. This should make the process much smoother! 
  • Zoom - quicker and easier: Zoom conferences now get set up automatically from the new events flow. 
  • Admins can delete quiz attempts: Users with the role of Admin or Owner can now delete people's Quiz Attempts.
  • US date formatting:  The date formatting on Event Details has been improved for our customers across the pond! 
  • Microsoft Streams videos: We now support the embedding of these videos.
  • Items recommendations: If a company has 'only free content' selected, then recommendations will only include free items. 
  • Survey Cycles fix: We've fixed the issue where Survey Cycles weren't issuing correctly. 
  • Certificates: You can now auto-assign certificates. 
  • SCORM package fix: We've fixed the issue around duplicating SCORM items - all SCORM items should now duplicate successfully.
  • Viewing 1-to-1s: You can now allow Team Managers or Managers of Parent Teams to view all 1-to-1s.
  • Extra notifications: There's now an additional notification setting for Quizzes and Exercises to notify you if someone fails a Quiz/Exercise.

December 2019

randomise quiz questions

  • Improvements to Task Log: We've made behind-the-scenes changes to make sure this loads much faster.
  • Job Title - search filter: This has now been added to the ADD/OR filters.
  • Random assignment: You can now assign tasks to a random batch of users from among selected users.
  • Dutch translation: Has now been added to our list of languages!
  • Randomise quiz questions: You can now  randomise quiz questions, making it more difficult for users to copy each other.
  • SCORM popup window: You can now open SCORM files in a popup window.
  • Additional admin option: You can now allow admins who do NOT have permission to manage users to still see the Users List, view profiles, and Send Reset Password email etc, but they just can't add/edit/delete/invite users.
  • Quiz report CSV: You can now export a Quiz report as a downloadable CSV.
  • Objectives: You can now add a 'reason for changing the settings' note, when editing an Objective.
  • Assigning tasks to new joiners: There's now an 'Assign to new joiners' check box when editing a task. If you check this box, tasks will be spawned for any new users who haven't been set the task yet. 
  • New image widget update: Our image-upload widget has had a facelift! It looks much nicer and has better mobile responsive behaviour. 
  • 1-to-1 template & image: You can now add a Tile image to a 1-to-1 template. 


November 2019

surveys gifff


  • Surveys:  We've revamped our Surveys feature. We've now got a completely new user flow around creating surveys. Survey questions now display on one single page.
  • Opinion scale: We've got a new survey question type! Our new opinion scale displays a range slider with optional comment box.
  • Survey cycle: There's a new way to assign/issue surveys. You can automatically issue surveys to recur at set intervals (e.g. weekly, monthly, biannually, etc).
  • Surveys - deadline: Surveys now have a deadline and appear in the To Do List. 
  • To Do List: This is the new name for 'Personal Development Pathway', which will appear at the top of your homepage when you log in.
  • 1-to-1sIn a similar way to Surveys, 1-to1-s have been revamped. They now have a much cleaner form style. 
  • Objectives log: We've reworked this so that it's even speedier!
  • Events & Surveys: These can now be embedded within Channels and Learnlists.
  • Manager surveys: Where the same manager has to fill in multiple surveys for different direct reports, they'll now only get 1 email, and 1 tile in their To Do list which will let them know how many they have to do. 


October 2019



  • Teams: We've revamped our Teams feature. We now have parent teams (which have replaced Groups) and sub-teams.  A parent team is the team above the team in the hierarchy, while a sub-team is below it. This makes structuring teams even easier!
  • Teams chart: Your company's team hierarchy is now easy to to see, all in one place. 
  • Support Ticket: Having a problem and need some extra help? If you're an owner or admin, under your avatar in the navigation bar you can find 'Support Ticket'. Fill out your query and we'll get back to you to help you out.
  • Custom fields: Admins can set up any number of custom fields for each company, e.g. 'Employee Number' or 'Birthday'. These fields will show in the user profile. 
  • Quizzes: Coaches can now create quizzes. 

September 2019


  • Improved tables design: Tables are now more visually appealing and easier to get information from, as the first column goes translucent when scrolling past other columns. 
  • Users with 'owner' role': Accounts with the 'owner' role cannot be deactivated or removed.
  • Task Log: 'Delete task' is now an option on the 3-pips on the Task Log. This will only show up if a user is permitted to delete the task. There is a clear confirmation popup if it is a parent task, with multiple other associated tasks, that all associated tasks will be deleted.
  • Event waitlist: Events now have an optional waitlist feature. This allows users to join the waitlist for fully booked events, and admins can re-order and manage the list. Users will be automatically enrolled into events they have joined the waitlist for if space becomes available.
  • Multiple drag and drop upload: Many files can be dragged and dropped into the system at once, which can then be converted into multiple items quickly and easily. 
  • Drag and Drop file upload for SCORM packages: You can upload individual SCORM package files by dragging and dropping them into the system. 

August 2019


  • Notification summaries: Your notifications will now be summarised e.g. 10 new notifications rather than overwhelming you with a notification for every action
  • Learner profile: The learner profile is now much more appealing with a design revamp making it easier to find out what you need. On top of this we have introduced improved insights such as when the user was active, most active time of day and most active hour. 
  • Public profiles: Learners can now search for the profiles of other learners. If they are looking for ways to improve in their area, they can look at how others in the organisation have succeeded by looking at what they have done, when they are active etc. 
  • Messaging in-site: Introducing an all new in-site messaging feature letting users message each other within the platform and an Inbox feature to access messages from wherever you are in the site.
  • Tables: Introducing a much more modern, cleaner look and feel to tables it makes it easier to find what you need. With more white space, better use of imagery and icons, more information and an in-table scroll it makes it much easier to use.
  • Icons update: Learn Amp will now use a varied modern icon set making the whole experience feel much richer.
  • Colours: We have upgraded our palette to include much more vibrant colours and to improve consistency across the site
  • Buttons: By making buttons round within the system it looks much more aligned with the homepage and generally feels more fresh and modern
  • Mobile design: With the above design lifts and some additional work on navigation, the mobile experience is much improved.
  • Objectives improvements: There had been some confusion about who could set objectives etc. We have now done some work to standardise this and make clearer. 

July 2019


  • Notification summaries: Your notifications will now be summarised e.g. 10 new notifications rather than overwhelming you with a notification for every action
  • Timed quizzes: You can now add a time limit to quizzes (and watch it count down!). The time taken on the quiz then gets reported along with the result. 
  • Advanced groupings (Beta): By combining logic in the same way as our 'And/Or' reporting you can set up powerful rules for assignment and reporting. For example, 'Anyone who is in the Marketing Team, who has completed the Learnlist Basic marketing' > 'Assign Advanced Marketing'
  • Channel duplication options: Decide whether a whole channel should be mirrored or all items and Learnlists within it be cloned.
  • Knowledge base (Beta): We have added the knowledge base to the footer of Learn Amp for you to access at any point. This offers hints and tips on how to use Learn Amp - expect to see more of this in future! 
  • Archive: You can now archive all types of content from items to quizzes to objectives. Put them somewhere safe for reference without deleting them.
  • Reload content log: In the content log, if you have a particularly active account the data may become out of date (there may be a lot to calculate and update). There is now a manual button to refresh this.
  • Filters on Q&A: You can now filters to see 'All questions on this item' 'Only questions on this item in this Learnlist' or 'All questions on this Learnlist'

June 2019

Learn Amp features GIF-1

  • New languages on Drag and Drop Quiz: These quizzes now allow different languages on draggable items.
  • Improved notifications for tasks: If you’re in more than one team and are set multiple tasks, you will only receive email notifications once, instead of multiple different ones.
  • Preventing accidental duplicates: If you try to add a new item (e.g. group, item, learnlists, channel, etc.) which already has the same name as another item, a warning will be displayed. This is to help prevent any items from being added twice accidentally. 
  • Changing language made smoother: If you change language, everything is redirected with the new language. For example, logging in would set the page to your selected language.
  • Choose whether comments/notes are displayed as public/private: When a user leaves a comment or note on certain areas, such as objectives or 1-to-1s, they can choose whether to leave this publicly (visible to all) or privately (visible only to themselves).
  • Event session recurrence: Users can now set an event session to recur. An event notification will also now be sent out when an event session recurs.
  • Surveys section is clearer and easier to use: The surveys section now has better Team, Company, and Group tabs which more clearly show surveys submitted for people within that particular team or group.
  • Improved event sessions: Event sessions now have a three-pips drop down component, which will make editing specific event sessions much quicker and easier.
  • Change in visibility of exercise submissions: Only people who have permissions to view exercise submissions can be notified when exercises have been submitted.
  • Easier for managers to see exercise submissions: The direct manager of certain users can now see their exercise submissions on a specially filtered page.

May 2019

Drag and drop

  • Improved notes options: You can now add attachments and self-record wherever there are notes (1-to-1s, user profile etc.). Notes also now show on the group pages as well as teams.
  • Content search module: Wherever we have the text editor / WYSIWYG, you can now click the magnifying glass to search for content, which is then inputted into the text box to link your learners off to specific content.
  • Adding a text editor to quiz feedback: This allows you to give richer feedback including the ability to link off to content that may help them to get the quiz answer right
  • BambooHR Integration: We now integrate with Bamboo HR, allowing your learners to be automatically invited into Learn Amp when they are added to Bamboo HR
  • Change the URL of an item: Sometimes a web link is updated or a new web link better reflects the item. You can now change the URL and re-scrape the details
  • Word 'Question' hidden on surveys: This means that you can use the survey tool more flexibly, for example as a checklist
  • Team and group members page: Previously team members were added by a field on the team profile. This experience is now much richer with a full list page with all details, filters, batch actions etc. making it much easier to manage your users
  • Quickly add to teams: Similar to adding content to a Learnlist or Channel, you can now add learners to teams quickly and easily from the 3 pips
  • Device logout setting: A setting which allows a user to only be logged into one device at a time. The user is automatically logged out of their previous session and emailed, informed on where, when and on what device the account was accessed incase it was unauthorised (and they need to change their password)
  • New quiz question types (Drag and drop, true/false, yes/no): Drag and drop allows you to set up a quiz question with a background, drop-zones and icons. True/false and Yes/no give more options.
  • Homepage preview: Using the 3 pips on a learners profile or via logs, you can now view a learners dashboard as a snapshot of what they can currently see. This helps you to identify if the learner has been assigned the right content.
  • Expand Q&A: If you have Q&A added to an item, it typically shows in the left hand panel meaning that you can view the content for reference. If you want to have more space to type a message or view others, you can now expand into a full modal.
  • Assignment calculated to include all child progress: Previously completion was based on the highest level and has now been changed to include all levels. For example, if you have completed 1/4 channels, you would show as 25%, even if the 2nd channel was 90% complete. Now in that same example, it would show as 47%
  • 'Private reviewer only 1-to-1 surveys': You can now set a survey for the reviewer to complete, that only they can see the answer for. This is particularly important for private assessments of the reviewee
  • More items types / categorised: Items are now categorised to make it easier to find what you need and a few more types have been added e.g. updates etc.
  • 'Unique entries' toggle on the activity log: The activity log is a log of all actions e.g. views, started, completed. By default this now shows only the latest 'unique' entries, so rather than seeing 10 entries for 'viewed' you see 1, however if you uncheck this, you can see the detail.
  • Filters on the quiz log: You can now filter quizzes by score etc.
  • Notification message now sends to email: Our simple notification message that goes to users, will now also go to their emails
  • Fully locked until tasked channel type: You can now have a Learnlist that appears fully locked on a users dashboard. Only once an admin sets tasks either for individual items/learnlists or the whole channel can the user access the content

Apr 2019



  • Auto-cuing of content: Netflix style, we cue the next item or learnlist in sequence to keep your learners moving onto the next piece of content
  • Flexible notifications: Wherever there were notifcations before, you can now select more than one options e.g. the manager and selected people rather than or 
  • 1-to-1 cycles, set specific months: For cycles you can set which months you want the cycle to go out. For example if you want to set up monthly reviews but then also want quarterly reviews but don't want them to clash you can select which months they go out. 
  • Set a task and bulk notify from content log: Select multiple users and set a task for them and/or notify them
  • Override manager: By defaults managers are set to be the manager of your primary team, however sometimes you may want to override the manager for selected people. This is now possible and gives that person all notifications by default and access to the various logs e.g. content logs etc.
  • Tasks show only the most recent task: When a task was set more than once, duplicates would show in the PDP. Now the one due soonest shows and others simply show on the item when clicked through.
  • Various statusses of invite: You can now see if a user has been invited or not, if they are confirmed, pending etc.
  • Retake a survey: Surveys can be retaken for different contexts and the 'multiple choice' can be used like a checklist that can be reused
  • Save draft on survey: If you are filling out a survey and want to come back to it to continue, you can now do so. This again is great when using it like a checklist
  • Item locking: When an item is in a locked channel (only) then that item shouldn't be accessible unless it is unlocked (previously showed if tasked or searched for)
  • Improved text / WYSIWYG editor: To simplify description boxes we have introduced a simple text editor with a few options and a toggle to the more advanced editor. Both have also been upgraded to be a much cleaner, nicer to use text editor.
  • Search for content in the text editor: Search for content using the magnifying glass, which then inputs that item as a hyperlink within the editor. This is great for linking pieces of content or using as a feedback tool on e.g. quiz feedback
  • Invite and enrol: When inviting a user to the system, you can do so from an event to either enrol them in that event or mark them as attended. Particularly useful if users sign up to your account via events.
  • Selected visibility on events: You can now decide that only certain users can find a particular event in the 'all events' section, allowing them to enrol
  • Self record on exercises: Ask users to submit a 'self recorded' answer to an exercise. For example if you want someone to create a 'presentation' and submit this, or submit an audio speech, this is now an option.

Mar 2019



  • Channel navigation: Easily flow between content within channels. Clicking 'Next' at the end of a Learnlist in a channel, will take you to the next Learnlist within that channel. At any time you can also click a button which makes it easy to skip to other items within the Learnlist or Channel.
  • People log: We have changed the previous people log, which combined some of the elements of the 'new people log' and the content log below. The people log shows a list of people, their teams, groups and locations. This can be drilled down using the And/Or filters, to show for example the users who 'Have completed X learnlist' and are part of X team'
  • Content log: The people log previously gave an overview of the content at a top level e.g. what channels, learnlists, items etc. have been assigned, completed and not yet completed. Now you can go even deeper and look at specific channels, learnlists etc. and their completion status in a waterfall style.
  • Tasks added to And/Or filters: On the People and Content logs tasks are now added. This means you can see which tasks have and haven't been set for people and which have been completed or not as well as layering up other logic such as whether it was a mandatory task or not.
  • Customisable email design: Customise email design templates to match your brand colours and logo
  • Customisable welcome email: Adjust your welcome email copy to go out to each of your users when they're invited
  • Cyber security improvements: A penetration test was run to uncover potential vulnerabilities within the system. Each of these has now been remediated, or where the risk is low and user benefit is high we have documented this.
  • Coach role: Coaches can be assigned to specific users. This allows them to set tasks for that person, view their assessments and view their reporting
  • Per item editing permissions: By default Owners, Admins and Curators can manage content. You can now allow individuals to also edit specific items
  • Video captioning: Add caption files (Web Video Text Tracks Format or .VTT) to videos in multiple languages. Also useful for deaf or hard of hearing learners.
  • More status types on the user page: Previously we had 'Pending invite' 'Invited' and 'Deactivated' but we have now added 'Not yet invited' and 'Scheduled invite' as well as reporting the scheduled invite time in the user forms
  • Time updates: Adding times to quizzes, surveys and events to bring in-line. All times now have a custom time option, which automatically populates when we know the specific time such as Youtube videos. Smart defaults per item type e.g. articles, courses etc. each have more relevant times e.g. articles <5 minutes, events over 12 hours. Learnlists also have a total time.
  • Broken out Learner Dashboard: At the top of the learner dashboard is 'Assigned pathways' which includes anything with a task (channels can now be tasked too!). The lower section is effectively anything 'recommended' but includess anything made visible rather than tasked.
  • Shares channel: See items that have been shared with you, and choose whether to view or dismiss them
  • Additional recommended content: Add content to a Learnlist that isn't then factored into the completion of the Learnlist. This can be used for things like additional courses, books, events etc. that may be supplementary.
  • Set a pass score on exercises / scoring rubrics: You can now set that users have to get past a particular score on an exercise to pass (includes no. of attempts)
  • Export survey answers: Export an overview and / or specific answers per user.
  • Set whether new content goes to the front or back of a channel: Typically, for content that has a fixed order, you will want any new items to go to the back of the channel (far right hand side). If you are doing updates however, you will want the tile to appear on the far left. You can now set this on the channel.

Feb 2019


  • Docebo integration: Using Learn Amp as the front end, users can now link off to Docebo content, with completion data etc. reporting back in
  • HiBob integration: Import users from your HiBob account automatically. Decide which 'sites' (locations / offices) or 'departments' you want to pull in. Set when they should join e.g. immediately when added to HiBob or on their start date. Disabled the sync'ing of some users data either before they are confirmed in HiBob (so that they don't get pulled across) or after, so that their data doesn't stay in sync with HiBob
  • Zoom integration improvements: If multiple users are under a zoom account, it is now possible to pick from any of the options in the list to set up a webinar / zoom event. If two people are trying to run a zoom event at the same time, using the same link the system will report the conflict so that you can change the event details.
  • Task toggles: On the task logs, toggles can be used to quickly filter between completed, incomplete, overdue etc. to show or hide the ones you need to quickly
  • HR role: An additional role that allows users to see 1-to-1s, set tasks etc. without being able to manage overall company settings.
  • Export enrolled event users: On an event, you can now export a list of enrolled users, allowing you to print and take to an event for example.
  • Security improvements: We introduced a raft of password security improvements, ensuring users set a secure password on their account, but giving tips and tools to make it easier for them to remember their password. Users also get locked out after 10 attempts to prevent 'brute-force' attacks.

Jan 2019


  • 'Groups' as a way to collect teams and sub-groups: Set up groups of teams. This could be for example, collecting multiple sales teams into an overall 'Sales' group and/or collecting multiple Sales teams across different countries into 'Sales - Global'
  • Personal Development Pathway: A pathway focussed on the items related to your personal development. This includes tasks, 1-to-1s and events that have a time attached to them.
  • 'Simple objectives': OKRs are one of the most highly recommended structures for setting objectives across a business. However some businesses find them too complex for their needs, not needing alignment etc. Simple objectives, don't need key results etc. so that you can keep it clean and easy
  • Improvements to the 1-to-1 flows: Managers can now finalise a 1-to-1 at any time (they don't have to wait until the deadline) and they can also add comments etc. at any time
  • Specific times for tasks: Tasks can recur on e.g. the 28th of every month rather than just saying 'recur every month'
  • Scoring rubrics: Set up a scoring grid with e.g. columns for 'Basic' 'Intermediate' 'Advanced' and Rows for e.g. 'Writing style' 'Communication' 'Storytelling and describe how each one should be scored. This can be used to assess exercises.
  • 'Mark as complete' on events: If someone attends your event but they were not yet enrolled, or you want to mark multiple people as attended you can now mark as complete for them.
  • Improve columns and filters on logs: See when a task was set, when it was completed and add a date range to tasks and events.

Dec 2018


  • People log: See key numbers of assigned, completed and not completed per person. Filter this down using 'And/Or' logic e.g. 'Show me the people who have completed X item who are in Y or Z teams' to easily see what you need to see
  • Improved search: The quick search at the top of the page now finds what you're looking for more easily.
  • Admins can easily lock / unlock content: If content is in a locked Learnlist and admins want to easily navigate between items, they can now more easily lock / unlock that learnlist.
  • Cap number of attempts on quizzes: Limit the number of attempts that you want to give your quiz takers - unlimited, 1, 2 or 3. You can still mark the item as completed for them even if they fail e.g. on the third time.
  • Show the difference from target to actual on objectives: See what the target amount is, what the current actual is and what the difference is.
  • Skillsoft integration: Pull content in from Skillsoft, including tracking

Nov 2018



  • Q&A module: Add the Q&A module to Items or Learnlists to allow your students to ask questions in-context about the content. Have managers, coaches or selected representatives answer questions and decide whether others students should be able to answer questions
  • Surveys within 1-to-1s: You can now add surveys into 1-to-1s and retake them per 1-to-1. This makes it easier to centrally create surveys that can be reused across the business. Reporting has also been improved to make it easier to see where a survey was completed.
  • Formstack integration: Create a form within Formstack and have it automatically pull that data into Learn Amp. Great if you want a more branded sign-up form.
  • Active directory integration: If a business has active directory set up, the integration allows users added to it to automatically get invited into Learn Amp

Oct 2018


Anders pink integration: Pull in content quickly and easily

    1. Set up content briefings: Set up briefings that automatically pull in content in the areas you want. Add keywords such as UX or UI and any keywords you don't want to appear such as 'Uxbridge'. The briefings then pull in content from all around the web
    2. Approve/reject process: Content then gets pulled into a pending pot. You can then go through the list and decide which bits of content you want in your library.

Objectives continued:

  1. Set custom dates: By default we set the dates to quarters. This allows you to edit and add different date brackets
  2. Duplicate an objective: Where you want an objective to be reused for different people/teams etc. you can duplicate an objective. 
  3. Relayout of the logs: Makes clearer which objectives belong to you, which you contribute to, which belong to others etc. 
    • Survey reporting: See how users have responded to your survey questions as an absolute, a % or a chart. 



  • Self record of Video and Audio: Use the record feature to add video and audio using your in-built camera/microphone. It works great on mobile too. This can then be uploaded automatically.
  • Objectives foundations: We are in the process of rebuilding objectives. This allows you to set up an objective following the OKR formula. That means you set an overall objective such as 'Improve customer happiness' and break it down into various key results such as 'Improve NPS score by 10%'. These can then be assigned across the business. 


  • People HR integration:
    • Automatically add users to Learn Amp: When users are added to People HR, they are automatically invited into Learn Amp
    • Teams: Teams can be set up in People HR and assigned to users. This then maps them into Learn Amp when they are invited. Any teams added in Learn Amp will also be reflected in People HR too to make it easier to assign in future
    • Automatic pathways: By using the teams functionality, channels can be automatically assigned when a user comes in to the account.


  • Zoom integration:
    • Automatically generate a webinar: Using our events functionality, you can automatically generate a zoom link, which then pulls in creating a webinar. Users can access the link 15 minutes before the session.
    • Automatically upload the recording: If the session was recorded, when it is over, it will push back to the account to allow the session to be uploaded



  • Event settings improved: 
    • Notifications: Decide what you get notified of, whether just enrolments or cancellations too.
    • Add to calendar: When booking in to an event, you can add the entry to your calendar which will include any relevant info and links
    • Validations: For example, when you try to enrol too many people then you will get a message guiding you on what to do, to either increase spaces or reduce the number of enrolments.


  • Improved PDF player: New PDF player accepts bigger sizes. Can also make full-screen, navigate between pages etc. 
  • Feedback per answer on quizzes: To date, you have been able to add feedback whether a user is right or wrong with their answers. This allows you to give feedback per question to give greater guidance.
  • Batch actions: On content (channels, learnlists, items, quizzes) you can now do batch actions. For example, you can add multiple items to a Learnlist in one go, or change who multiple channels are assigned to. 
  • Homepage and surface page redesign: We redesigned the homepage and updated some of our branding such as the bulb. Let us know what you think!


  • Events: We are still working to improve this feature, but we have the core building blocks for adding your own events. You can pick different sessions, decide whether the location is online, a location on a map or free-text (such as a meeting room). You can limit the number of slots available and fully manage attendance. Please contact Joe to enable this feature
  • Sharing to multiple learners/teams: We have had the ability to assign tasks to multiple learners or teams for a while. We have now upgraded the sharing feature to also allow this
  • Add images to CSV: If you have images on a public URL you can now add this to the CSV upload for each user. 
  • Individual recommendations on the dashboard: Each user can get personalised recommendations from the Learn Amp library. All they have to do is select tags they like e.g. 'Product Management' 'UX' and they will get fresh content!
  • Nav bar colour and font colour: If you want to update the nav bar on your account to your own brand colours we have given you the ability to do so. Please test colour combinations as certain icons e.g. your logo may not work well if not managed carefully.


  • PeopleHR integration: We now integrate with PeopleHR, automatically pulling in your users, their image, email, their department (as a label), their company name etc. If you're interested in enabling this please contact Joe here
  • Mark as complete more obvious: Variouse users reported that it was unclear what the circles on an item were. We have included a bounce animation on the circle to say 'Mark as complete' on every new item that a user accesses.
  • User deactivation: If you have a leaver you may want to deactivate them rather than fully delete them. You can also re-activate them if needed.
  • CSV updater improvements: Rather than simply uploading a CSV that may break on upload, we have a smoother CSV process. When you upload the CSV it asks you to relabel any fields it doesn't recognise, whilst also giving you a preview of your data. You then have full control over settings e.g. whether you want data to be updated or replaced and when you want the invites to be sent. 
  • Average rating filters: You can now filter the library by average rating so that you only see the very best content
  • Quizzes in multiple languages: You can now add quizzes in multiple languages. This is a basic version that we will be looking to upgrade.
  • Adding 1 week to task recurrence: You can now assign tasks to go out weekly on top of the usual (monthly, yearly etc.)


  • Admins can edit company branding: Now all of your admins can edit company branding not just the owner!
  • Admins can edit/delete all tasks: Previously only the person who created the task could edit it. Now any admin can.
  • Custom banner graphics: If you want to upload a series of banner images for each page you now have full flexibility to do so. Some of our clients have kept a theme across the images - we recommend you do the same if you want to update these.
  • Login as....: In the user logs if you hit the 3 dots next to a persons name, you can log in as them. This is great if they are having an issue or you just want to check what they are seeing. 
  • Notify your users: We have given you control of the notifications feature. You can send out a notification blast by selecting the users you want to notify and then using the batch actions tool to notify. This can include links to external sites or internal content
  • Time zones: You can now set a time zone for the company or by person. This means that all reporting will show in the correct time, and e.g. scheduling tasks will display in your time zone. 
  • Duplicating items: You can either duplicate individual items or a whole Learnlist (note: you can only duplicate items you own, not Learn Amp library items!)
  • Duplicating a quiz: You can also now duplicate quizzes

13/05/2018- 1/06/2018

  • Drop-downs in the navigation: To keep new features clean and tidy we have re-organised the navigation to group things like 'Content' 'People' 'Activity' etc. At the same time we have improved pages such as activity to make them easier to navigate.
  • User profile improvements: You can now see all activity relating to a user direct from their profile, including tasks, activity etc.
  • Machine translated Russian: We have added Russian to our set of languages
  • 'Select' persisting across pagination: When multiple options are selected in a table, you will now have an optiont to 'Select all' even across multiple pages
  • Basic branding options: You can now update the colours of the navigation highlight, the text over your profile and the sub-navigation highlight. On top of this you can decide whether the logo and copy text show within the banner.

13/4/2018 - 11/5/2018

  • Emails from your company name: When emails are sent to your users, they now carry your company/account name so that they trust the emails they receive
  • 'Reporter' user level: A new user permission level has been added allowing them to see, create and edit all reports and quizzes, but not manage content or users.
  • Optional pass score on quizzes: Some businesses reported that they used quizzes as a simple learning exercise but didn't want to penalise users for not hitting a pass score. Pass score is now optional.
  • WYSIWYG forms across the site: To allow you greater flexibility over your content we have included WYSIWYGs on quiz questions, excercises and most other forms  

2/03/2018 - 23/03/2018

  • Ability to add 'Exercises': You can position a question and invite users to enter an answer in a box and/or upload a document. Exercises can be required for completion and experts can mark them by commenting on the submission.

30/09/2017 - 27/10/2017

  • List view on manage content: We converted the whole manage content area to a list view format. This makes it easier to see your channels, their visibility and to re-order them too. We plan to build on top of this and allow batch actions to save you a tonne of time. 
  • Face-to-face options: We have added some face-to-face options to the type drop-down so that you can now label something as a meeting. Using the custom item builder you can easily describe when and where the meeting will be. 
  • Major e-learning/SCORM improvements: All e-learning is now iframed making it feel like a much more integrated experience with the rest of Learn Amp. We have also updated our player which you may not notice, but means we have greater control in future.
  • Send recurring email reports: If you want to keep up to date with who has completed an item for compliance reasons (or for any other reason) you can set up a mailer to go out daily/weekly/monthly/every quarter linking to the report. Want to send it as a one off? You can also share reports. 
  • Site loading: You may have previously noticed that the site was loading slowly, we have now made some big strides to improve this experience.

16/09/2017 - 29/09/2017

  • Sharing: This is primarily a 'Social learning' feature where users can send recommendations to another person, but can also be used very flexibly. Managers can also share items to their whole team, Admins and owners can do the same to the whole company. In practice this is very similar to tasks but without a deadline. 
  • Additional options from 3 dots on tile: You can now add a task and mark as complete on behalf of straight from the tile saving you time when doing multiple actions. 
  • Changed Carousels to Channels: We felt the word 'Channel' was much more familiar and accurate than Carousel so we swapped the word across the site
  • Changed budget approver to Manager: As above, we felt that Manager is a term more synonymous with business, however one of the core functionalities of a manger is if they have 'budgets' set they can approve budgets for their team.
  • Filter by teams in reporting: Previously you could see your own team in reporting, or if you were an Admin or Owner you could toggle through multiple teams. At a 'Company Activity' level however there was no way to constrain the reporting by multiple teams e.g. I want to see if the Sales Team and the Marketing Team have both completed the 'Marketing Automation Platforms' Learnlist
  • Users make notes on their own profile: Expanding on the functionality allowing managers, admins and owners to make notes on their users profiles, users can make notes on their own profile. This may include learning notes, notes for appraisals etc.
  • Company branding on the 'sign-up' form: When you invite users, they will now see your company banner (with logo, title and strapline) in the invite form so they are aware that it is related to you. We have also created a unique link, that allows anyone you send it to, to join (e.g. if you're a company your staff, or if you're a community, your clients/customers).

01/09/2017 - 15/09/2017

  • Search for people and teams: You can now search for teams to get to them that little bit quicker. You can do the same for people, and also see the teams they are part of, e.g. If I type 'Sanita' I will see Sanita show up in the quick search and the teams she is part of (or if there are multiple Sanita's, it will show all relevant teams)
  • Recently searched: Sometimes you might stumble upon an item and run out of time to add it to a learnlist, or 'heart' it. By seeing what you have recently searched in the search box, you can quickly find it again.
  • Quick access to the library: Previously you had to enter a search term to get access to the whole library to start filtering. Simply click into the search box and hit enter. 
  • Adding primary language to invites: For users who have translations enabled, we have added primary language to the invite. This means they will receive their invite and full user journey in the language selected, giving them a seamless experience. This has also been added to the batch invite CSV so that you can do it for multiple users.
  • Upload an image into the custom item form: Otherwise known as a WYSIWYG we have a custom item form which allows you to use a basic word formatter to upload content. We have now enabled direct upload of images from your files, simply go to insert > image > click the folder in the source field > select the item > label it > submit. 
  • Bug fixes and ad-hoc improvements: As we get bigger there are occasional bugs and improvements we need to make. For example you can no add a tranparent company logo, we fixed a bug loading e-learning files etc. 

19/08/2017 - 31/08/2017

  • Embed files: Upload a Video, Audio, Image or PDF file and the system will automatically embed it (as well as offering the option to download). Word processors, spreadsheets and presentations can be converted into a PDF to be accessed in the same way. Note: PDFs don't typically display on mobile, but can be downloaded.
  • Activity digest email: We will send out various activity digests. For example if you are the owner or an admin of a company once a week you will see data for the whole company. If you are a manager/budget approver for your team, you will get a weekly digest summarising their activity (if you are in charge of multiple teams, this shows them all). Individuals also get a digest once a month. 
  • Set live date on content: Items or learnlists can be set to go live on a specific date. This is ideal for flows like onboarding where you only want users to access a piece of content after a specific date. You can pair this with expiry to only show a piece of content for a window of time e.g. a week. 
  • Enable completion on carousels: You can currently see progression on items and learnlists but not for carousels. This will now be possible enabling other functionality such as notifications.
  • Get notified when an item is completed: You can set tasks for your team already that notify you on completion. However, we got some feedback suggesting that you might not want the user to have a deadline for an item, but still want to be notified when it is completed. Choose whether just the manager gets notified or selected people in your company. 

05/08/2017 - 18/08/2017 

  • Custom Item upload/WYSIWYG: When using word, you get the ability to bolden text, put it in italics, use bulleted lists etc. This is exactly the functionality that a WYSIWYG brings as well as the ability to add public images and videos. Use it to create fresh content such as Q&As, Information cards or blogs. Everything you add in the copy will be searchable.
  • Mark as complete on behalf of....: For offline activities with groups of people, it is a big ask to expect all of the attendees to mark that item as complete and a big ask to chase them to do so. This allows admins to mark an item as complete on behalf of individuals or teams of people. 
  • User profile: We have added various data fields on a users profile from languages (for internationlisation) to location (to help you to decide where to deliver face-to-face training) and specialisms (to help you decide on content to assign). You can also attach documents such as PDPs and write notes about them. On top of this you can see the content that the user has been assigned, from carousels to learnlists and items. As part of this change we added tasks to the users activity log too.
  • Delete items you have uploaded: You can now delete any items that you have uploaded rather than just hide the,. Be aware that anything submitted to the Learn Amp library will remain there though.

22/07/2017 - 4/08/2017 

  • Notifications: We have added a notifications bell that notifies you of various things including: Tasks (coming up, or updates on ones you have set for others), Content (when submissions to the library are approved, when content expires or has been set live) Ad-hoc updates (e.g. when there is a great deal, or a major new feature realeased)
  • Slack integration: If you use Slack, I highly recommend you get this set up. We've given it to all users for free and it is very powerful. Get a feed of activity in your company or teams, see the tasks you have upcoming and overdue, search for content in the channel and share with others. Add content that you find quickly and easily.
  • Introduced internationalisation: The whole site UI can now be translated into multiple languages. We have translated into Chinese simplified and traditional as well as Japanese. With more languages coming soon. 
  • Add multiple languages files: When you upload a file, you can now upload the same file in different languages. Let's use French as an example, I could upload a word document in English and French. If a user has French as their primary language (or toggles it in the navigation) then they will only see the French item. 

08/07/2017 - 21/07/2017 

  • Image uploader: The new widget allows you to pull images from social channels, Dropbox, Google Photos or search the in-built library. 
  • Filter by tags on the activity log: You can filter by tags to see all of the content e.g. tagged with Marketing that users have started or completed.
  • Quizzing: There is now a quizzing feature allowing you to set multiple choice questions (also perfect for true & false questions), set a pass score and give feedback on the answers. There is comprehensive reporting (including how many attempts, the average score, which questions got the lowest scores etc.)

24/06/2017 - 07/07/2017 

  • SCORM player: For those of you who have e-learning files/SCORM you can now upload them and we will seamlessly play the file. Not only that but we will report on the users progress and quiz completion at the end.
  • Item activity log: If you would like to see a history of all activity for an item (e.g. for compliance) simply click the upper right hand corner 3 dots and click 'Activity'
  • Date range pickers on the activity log: When you are filtering through the activity or dashboards you can now pick specific dates, useful to mirror key periods of time e.g. if you have 10 days to complete a piece of training. 
  • Save reports: When you filter the activity log, you can save your filters as reports to return to. For example if you have compliance training you can see all of the people who have completed X item and check in later to make sure that others have followed suit. 
  • Custom logo: We can now add a custom logo in the upper left navigation bar to replace our logo. Great for getting your branding in the site. If you want this, get in touch.

16/06/2017 - 23/07/2017 

  • Activity dashboard improvements: Relayout of the dashboard, adding 'views', adding 'device type' insights and more toggles to keep the page tidy e.g. switching between top tags, top suppliers and top types rather than a different section for each.
  • Activity log improvements: Including far richer activity by including verbs such as watched, listened to, read for videos, audio and books or articles respectively. This as well as more obvious visibility on when an item is started or completed by colour coding the status. 
  • Separate task log: Giving tasks their own space to more easily see when they are due, whether they are mandatory and who they were set by
  • Resize of tiles: Reducing of tiles and adjusting proportion to enable 4 on a row rather than 3 and creating more space for the title. 
  • Carousels - 4 tiles at a time: Carousels previously displayed 1 at a time. Now they carousel 4 at a time to more easily move through content.
  • 'Weekly Learning Sparks' (Content Mailer): Enabling us to send out our 'Weekly Learning Sparks' to all users including the best content we have found over the last week

Other noteworthy releases:

  • Single sign-on: Users can now sign-in with Google, Outlook and Slack (note: to enable this, first connect your email via the settings panel)
  • Quick add: We have added a + icon to the navigation enabling you to add an item, learnlist, carousel or task from wherever your are in the site. 
  • Embedding of key sites: When you upload links to Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare and Mixcloud we will embed the video/presentation/audio
  • More accurate scraping: When you add a link to Youtube, Amazon or Udemy our partner APIs allows us to accurately pick up data such as time, price etc.
  • Content recommendations for admins: We deliver content recommendations to curators, admins and owners. Simply add the tags you want to see content for and we will push recommendations to you. 
  • Quick-search: Rather than searching for something then clicking into the page, our quick-search delivers the best results matches within the search box itself, based on highest rated, most relevant content.