How to view Answers and Reports on Scoring Rubrics

This article will explain where to access reports on Scoring Rubrics and what data they contain.

View Answers and View Report on Scoring Rubric

To view Answers and Report on a particular Scoring Rubric, go to Assess>Scoring Rubrics

reportingreport 2

From this screen, you can either View Answers (submitted exercise, users and their score) or View Report and see the overall average score.

repo 3

View Submissions

Go to Asses>Exercises>Company and find the exercise in question.

You will only be able to view submissions within your Team:

sr submittions

With the View Report tab, you can view the overall number of submissions and the average score.

view report

Score this entry

score this entry

If members of your Team submitted an exercise, you will be able to score it by clicking on "Score this entry", within the same screen.

It will open a window with your Scoring Rubric and additional fields for Notes and Comments. Depending on previously set up minimum score, system will calculate if the Exercise is Passed/Failed.