How to troubleshoot eLearning content issues

Learn how to solve eLearning content upload issues.

Using an e-learning tool is a great way to create content that can be uploaded to your Learning Management System (LMS). When it comes to eLearning software and authoring tools (e.g. SCORM, Articulate, etc), there are normally e-learning communication standards in place, which allow the created content to be fed directly into your LMS. However, this isn't always the case, and sometimes complications can occur when you try to upload content.


In this article, we'll take you through some useful steps if you're having any trouble uploading e-learning content into the system.


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1. Check that your eLearning is compatible 

We support the following e-learning industry standards:

  • SCORM 1.2 

  • SCORM 2004

  • xAPI

  • AICC

  • CMI5

If you're uploading content that adheres to these standards, then you shouldn't find any difficulty in using them within Learn Amp.


2. Check Output Option:

If you're still running into difficulties, then consider following these steps when creating content to upload to Learn Amp:

  • Make sure you're selecting the correct Output Option within the LMS section - either SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or AICC
  • Once the zip file has been generated, upload it to Learn Amp.
  • Check "Reporting and Tracking" options - those settings will decide how the process is being tracked by the package and communicated to the platform.

If you've followed these steps and are still having troubles, then there is probably an issue with our system. In this event, feel free to contact us with any issues you're finding. 


3. Check SCORM Cloud

For Scorm:

You can test your content via the SCORM Cloud - you will be able to check if it's possible to upload and launch it. Then, review your content to ensure a positive user experience and review the debug logs to know about any issues with the content.

It's free to create an account on SCORM Cloud. Check it out by clicking here


There’s also an AICC/CMI Test Suite available to test your content here.


By testing your e-learning you can make sure it's working correctly before it's uploaded to the website.


4. Check the Debug Log

Check the Debug Log within the package, as it is not something we surface on the Learn Amp. side.


5. Check HTTP Traffic

If you're still experiencing issues between the e-learning content creation tool and Learn Amp, then consider installing an HTTP traffic analyser. This analyser will show you what's happening as you go through a piece of content.


LearnAmp only accepts SCORM packages using HTTPS. Uploading HTTP addresses will cause the browser to block the player. If that happens, check the browser console for error messages.


6. Enable third-party cookies

For the platform to keep track of the user progress it needs to have access to third-party cookies. If the cookies are disabled, even if the user launches, it will be shown as not started.

Here’s how to enable third-party cookies in most popular browsers:

  1. Mozilla Firefox

    1. Click the menu symbol and choose Options.

    2. Go to the Privacy and Security tab.

    3. In the History section, choose Use custom settings for history from the Firefox will drop-down list.

    4. In the Cookies and Site Data section, check Accept cookies and site data from websites.

    5. From the Accept third-party cookies and site data drop-down list, choose Always.

  2. Google Chrome

    1. Click the menu symbol and choose Settings.

    2. In the Privacy and Security section, click Cookies and other site data.

    3. Make sure you Allow all cookies

  3. Internet Explorer

    1. Click the gear symbol and choose Internet Options.

    2. Go to the Privacy tab.

    3. Click Advanced.

    4. On the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box, check Override automatic cookie handling.

    5. On the First-party Cookies section, check Accept.

    6. On the Third-party Cookies section, check Accept.

    7. Check Always allow session cookies.

    8. Click Ok and restart the browser.

  4. Microsoft Edge

    1. Click the menu symbol and choose Settings.

    2. In the Advanced settings section, click View advanced settings.

    3. From the Cookies drop-down list, choose Don’t block cookies.

  5. Safari (Mac)

    1. Click Safari and choose Preferences.

    2. Go to the Privacy tab.

    3. In the Cookies and website data section, uncheck Block all cookies.

    4. Make sure to uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking

Completion issues

When the progress is not showing as expected (f.ex progress bar not updating or content not marking as completed despite user finishing it)

Completion Criteria

Inform users about additional criteria for content completion - f.ex. a minimum score or amount of time spent on a slide - they might not be aware of additional requirements to complete the content.

Wrong status

If your item is not updating on LearnAmp, please test the other LMS Reporting options. Many tools provide different Reporting statuses, that will not communicate with the platform. Our player fully supports Scorm standards 1.2 and 2004 (all versions):

  • Passed/Incomplete (Default)
  • Passed/Failed
  • Completed/Incomplete
  • Completed/Failed

Way of communicating completion

See if the file has a way to communicate to the platform about completion: usually, it's an exit button or a link, that triggers completion.

The next button could not properly work - try reloading the page. 

User exits the content but the completion status doesn't update, because they closed the window before their progress was saved - check the "Reporting and Tracking" settings of your package

You can always test the package on SCORM Cloud to verify if these issues come from the content itself or the platform.

Continuity of progress when updating the item

Updating the package

Scorm packages are linked to Items on LearnAmp.

If you replace the Scorm package entirely, the user's completion record will remain unaffected. However, because the package has been replaced, the user's progress, that hasn't been recorded in the system but only through that package will be lost.

If you are replacing a Scorm package on an Item in LearnAmp, you can replace it with any other standard (f.ex. change Scorm 2004 to CMI5 file).

Removing the package

Removing the package from the system will reset the progress for users. When the file is re-uploaded the progress might not be saved.

If the task is deleted, the user can still launch the package, and resume where they left off, their "started" activity would also remain on their activity log.


Other common issues:

If you try to upload an item, you may occasionally run into difficulty and find that your upload has failed

Browser incompatibility

We do not have any automated checks around browser compatibility since the contents of Scorm are not created by the Learn Amp team. If we spot issues with a package or have it reported by users, we pass this along to the person who has uploaded the package, or to the content provider who authored the content.

File types:

- We accept all the most common file types.

- However, for security reasons, we block executable files.

If server-side execution is required, it's possible to use a Scorm wrapper: for the content to be served up from someone else's server, and the Scorm simply launching this remotely hosted page.

File names:

File names can cause an issue.

- Sometimes file names that include symbols such as '&' and '!' can cause the upload to fail.

Please make sure, that the file name doesn't contain any Windows/Linux forbidden characters.

Files that are very large:

- Sometimes, a file upload will time out because the file is too large or because the internet speed is too slow.

- If you have a slow internet connection or are uploading a very large file, please try to compress the file to see if this helps.

Problems with SCORM files:

- The common issue with SCORM uploads is that the file is missing an X manifest file.

- We also recommend contacting the creator of the SCORM file in question, as there can sometimes be issues in the creation process as well.


For other issues:

- If your issues persist in spite of our suggestions, please get in touch at

- We will do our best to find the root cause of the problem and solve any issues.