How do I create Teams?

Teams are easy to set up and edit, simply follow these steps...

  • Click the plus icon in the navigation, then click 'Team'



The first step will allow you to choose to add a Team manually or upload a CSV file for bulk import.asdfr

Clicking Single Team will take you to the creation wizard:



Step 1: Key details 

  • Fill in the most important details, such as Team name and description
  • You can also choose to edit the tile image or display the image 
  • You can also add tags to make this content more easily searchable


Step 2: Type 

Select type of the Team:





Step 3: Managers

Assign a Manager: Start typing the name of the person to assign and their name will appear in the dropdown.

Decide to add secondary and stand-in managerszscf


Step 4: Privacy

Choose the visibility of your Team.

Public - this setting will make the Team visible to all users, including contents, and allowing users to join or leave as they wish 

Private - this setting will make the Team visible to all users, however, to see contents they will have to be invited or apply to join

Secret - hidden from public view, users must be invited to join the Team and view content


Step 5: Hierarchy

Place your Team within organisation by attaching it to a parent team or adding sub-teams.


Step 6: People

Add users to your Team by typing their names in the drop down box


Step 7: Done!

Congratulations, you're all done!


To find out more about managing teams, click here