How do I use the Udemy integration?

Learn how to make the most of the Udemy integration.

For information on how to set up the Udemy integration, please read our article here

This article will explain how to use the Udemy integration. 


What does the Udemy integration do? 

  • You can "fetch" courses from Udemy’s learning library into Learn Amp. Learn Amp then creates a deep link to these.
  • When you launch one of these, our platform will create a pop-up, through which users will be able to access Udemy’s content.
  • When learners complete content on either the Learn Amp system or the Udemy system, this data will be fed back into the opposite system. So, if they complete content on either platform, this will be reflected on the other and will be marked as complete on both systems.


How do I know if the integration is set up correctly? 

If your Udemy integration is set up correctly, the Udemy integration page should appear like this:


How can I use the Udemy integration? 

Please note, this is from the perspective of a Learner role. For all other roles, it will also work the same.

Step 1: Search for a topic in the Library

  • Go to the Library.
  • Search for a topic that you would like to learn about on Udemy.
  • Ensure that you have selected "Course" in the filter, to ensure that only Udemy courses appear.


Step 2: Select the chosen course 

  • Select which course you'd like to learn about.
  • Press the button "Take this course".


Step 3: Complete the course in Udemy

  • The button will then launch you into the Udemy website.
  • Complete the course on the Udemy website.


The Learn Amp platform will then report on this:

  • The Learn Amp platform will then automatically report on actions completed on the Udemy site.
  • For example, if you complete the course in Udemy, this will be reported in Learn Amp.
  • There are no further actions required on your part.

Please see the example below, where Louise Sanders' actions from Udemy have been synced into her Learn Amp Activity Log.


FAQ: I've completed a course in Udemy but it hasn't shown up in Learn Amp. What's happened? 

If you've completed a course in Udemy but it's not showing up yet as "Completed" in Learn Amp, please do not worry.

Please note that completions are synced from Udemy to Learn Amp only once every 24 hours.

If it has been longer than 24 hours, then please get in touch.