How do I use the Slack integration?

Learn about our integration with Slack.

The Learn Amp platform has an integration with Slack

Please note that to use our Slack integration, your company must already have an account with Slack.

What can I do with the Slack integration? 

The Slack integration has two main features:

  1. Carrying out commands within Slack which connect to Learn Amp
  2. Receiving notifications in Slack about what's happening in the Learn Amp platform 

This article will discuss both of these features and explain how you can use them.


Section 1: Carrying out commands within Slack which connect to Learn Amp 

You can view the full list of commands on the Slack integration page, on the How to use tab.


In order to use the integration all you need to do is go onto your Slack, and test out the commands listed above.


/ la search marketing will return items in the Learn Amp library which match the term Marketing.


Type in / la add [article link]


You will then get the notification that this item has been added to the Learn Amp library, and there will be a link for you to fill out the item's details:



Section 2: Receive notifications about what is happening on Learn Amp, in Slack 

In order to choose what notifications you would like to receive in Slack, please visit the Slack integration page and look at the Activity Feed section.


Press 'Add new feed'

Now, set up the updates as you wish:

  • Firstly, select which Team's activity you would like to share into the Slack channel. You can also select Everyone in the company
  • Select which notifications/updates you would like to receive.
  • Choose which Slack channel you would like to receive them in:


You will then get liveautomatic updates into the Slack channel according to which updates you requested:


You can edit or add to your Activity Feeds at any time:

We hope this helps! If you have any further queries then please create a support ticket and we'll be happy to help.