How do I use the Go1 integration?

Learn about the Go1 integration.

What is the Go1 integration?

Go1 customers have access to an ever-growing library of content, from the top providers and subject matter experts around the world. A library at your fingertips to really grow your organisation. Courses for now and the future.

  • Access to a content content curator to help you choose the courses for your business or make all 70,000+ courses available
  • 70,000 courses curated from 196 of the top e-learning providers
  • A wide range of topics by a versatile collection of global, regional, and specialised providers
  • A variety of courses available in different languages


How do I access the Go1 integration?

Firstly, you will need to be fully set up on the integration.

Once this is fully enabled, go to Content > Manage Libraries > Go1.



You will then be able to see the Go1 Content Hub:


How do I use the Go1 integration? 

Adding content from the Go1 integration to your library is simple and easy.


1. Select the content you want to add

Use the filters to select the content you would like to find.


2. Add selection to your library

Once you've selected the content, you can add the selection to your library.


3. The content will then appear in your platform

The content will then appear in your library and also the manage items page.


If you wish to change the visibility setting on any of this content, please go to the Manage Items page and edit the visibility per piece of content: