How do I use @ mentions?

Learn how to mention someone with an @ in the platform.

We've now introduced the feature to "@" mention or tag other users in the platform. This works in a similar way that you may have seen on Facebook, Instagram, Depop, etc. It's a great way to interact with other users.

1. What are @ mentions? 

"@" mentioning someone is a way to tag another user on the platform.

For example, you may see a piece of content that your colleague would really like, and so instead of copying and pasting the link to them you can mention them instead using the @ symbol. 

You can use them in a number of different places in the platform, which we'll outline below.


2. Where can I use them in the platform?

You can mention another user on the platform in a number of different places.

Please note that some of these features are on an optional toggle, and your company may not enable them - e.g. Q&A / Discussion.

Here are the places that you can tag someone:

  • In the Q&A and Discussion section of an item, channel, learnlist, or event.
  • In the survey responses comment box - i.e. when you are replying to a survey question. 
  • The notes section on the Teams page.
  • Other users' profile pages in their notes section.
  • Your own profile page within your notes section.

3. What happens when I mention someone?

If you @ mention someone, they will get both an email and in-platform notification.


Email notification for if you are mentioned:

  • You will see the title of the content you were mentioned in
  • An overview of the mentioned message
  • A link to view the mention


In-platform notification for if you are mentioned:

  • If you're mentioned, you will receive an in-app notification like the example below.
  • You can click on a link to see the comment, and it will take you to where you were mentioned.


4. How should I use this feature? 

How you use this feature is up to you! Though we have a few recommended example use cases that you can follow.


Example 1: Sharing content with a colleague

  • You have found some great content that a colleague would like, and you want to let them know about it.


Example 2: Giving a shout-out to a colleague on their page

  • You can tag a colleague on their profile page and say thank you! Or hello.


Example 3: Asking a colleague for support


5. Permissions around tagging people

Please note that there are various permissions levels around this.

The main thing to note is that you can only @ mention users on content if they have permissions to see it

The box will automatically filter down so that you can only see people who are eligible to be tagged.

For example:

  • If you are mentioning someone on a piece of content that is hidden, then only users who can see it in its hidden state (e.g. curators and admins) can be tagged.
  • If you are mentioning someone in a survey comment, only people who can see this survey (e.g. admins, and the user's manager).
  • If you are mentioning someone on the Team page, only members of that team and admins will be able to see it.

You will notice that in all of these situations, you will see a note reminding you that you can only tag people who can see this content - and only those people will show up in the box.