What are CPD points and how do I use them?

Find out about how we use CPD points in the platform.

What are CPD points and why are they important? 

CPD Points set a target to achieve each year of training. This ensures that they are staying up to date with the latest policies, processes etc. 

It is estimated 95% of professional bodies (typically science, education, banking etc.) in the UK use CPD points. They are also used globally, so has a broad reach. 


Overview: How do CPD points work in the platform?

  • CPD points can be added to various types of 'Content' such as Items and Events and the newly added ‘Actions’.
  • Administrators can set targets based on points or time (breaking down into formal + informal) and then use reports to track against these including various filters.  


Setting up: How are CPD points set up in the platform?

CPD points are optional and can be toggled on or off by contacting us. 

If CPD points are enabled, each company will have full control over if and when they would like to enable CPD points.

Companies can set whether CPD points are mandatory or not. This ties in to whether they get constant reminders to complete, which can be escalated. 

Hours or Points:

When setting up CPD points, you can decide whether CPD points are tracked by hours (95% of businesses track CPD hours) or by points (typically a 1:1 ratio with CPD points). 

This will then dictate how the system is set up, e.g. when adding CPD, it will ask for either CPD points or hours depending on which has been selected. 


Adding CPD points to content:

CPD points can be added to various types of 'Content' (broadest sense) such as Items, Learnlists, Channels, Events + newly added ‘Actions’. As part of this process we have…. 


  • Adding a ‘Action’ type: This allows you to set something outside of the system such as ‘set up a webinar’ and the rules around this 
  • Add item flow reworkBy reworking the flow, you do not have to create the exercise and pull it in, or similarly set up CPD points out of the flow. We have made the item add process 'step-by-step' and included the ability to set CPD points and exercises from within the flow.  
  • Exercise adding reworkYou will now have greater flexibility over exercises so that e.g. the 'Upload file' button can be customised to read 'Upload PDF' or similar. The 'Note' can also be edited to read more than note but another full question e.g. ask for a 'Reflective note'.


When you go to edit an Item, or Event, you will now see this option within the form: 



Reporting and Escalation

CPD points reporting log

CPD points have their own reporting log. This can be found by going to Assess > CPD

The CPD report will show: 

    A top level summary:

    • Total CPD points required (or time)
    • % achieved 
    • Achieved 
    • Remaining

    A breakdown for each user:

    • % completion 
    • Earned
    • Still to earn 

    The report will also show whether the points are overdue or not.


    To find the CPD reporting log: 


    The CPD report will appear as follows: 


    CPD points will become visible in existing reports

    • Activity log: When content is completed, it will post the points or hours earned as part of the change 
    • People log: Alongside the content in the lists, there will be update showing the points available or earned. You would also be able to filter by e.g. > 500 points earned etc. 
    • Content log: As above, the content within the log would display the points associated 
    • % Report: You will be able to compare % of CPD points 



    • Rules can be set for various activities such as tasks and 1-to-1s. These will also be applied to overdue CPD targets. 
    • There will be a historical log of overdue CPD points (for example, CPD points target is overdue three times in a row)