How do I 'share' content in the platform?

Learn about sharing content.

In the platform, users can share content with one another. 

The key facts:

  • Sharing content is a great way to show your favourite videos, documents, elearnings and more to your fellow colleagues. 
  • Users of all roles can share content with one another, including Learners.
  • Sharing is a more relaxed, informal way of sending content to someone - as opposed to a 'Task' which can be mandatory.
  • You can share any type of content
  • You can share at a company, team, or individual level - however this depends on what role level you have.

What roles can share content - and to whom?

Admins and Owners: 

If you are an admin or owner you can share at all of the following levels:

  • Individual (to select users)
  • Teams (to certain teams)
  • Company (to all users in the company)


HR role and Reporter role: 

If you are HR, you can share with individuals and teams.


Curators and Learners: 

If you are a curator or a learner, you can share at an individual level only. i.e. You can select certain individuals to share a piece of content with:


How do I share content? 

Sharing content with someone is simple and easy. Simply press the three pips of the content you'd like to share.


Then, select who you wish to share with:


How will shared content appear when it's shared with me? 

If anyone has shared content with you, it will appear in a Channel on your homepage.

If you can't see this, it's because no content has been shared with you.


How do I remove shared content? 

If you'd like to remove some content that someone has shared with you, click on the three pips and select Dismiss share.