How do I set up the LinkedIn Learning integration?

Learn how to set up the LinkedIn Learning integration in a few easy steps.

This article will cover how to set up the LinkedIn Learning integration.

For information on how to use the integration, please read our article here.


What do I need to be able to set this up?

  • A LinkedIn Learning account, and admin access to the admin section of your account.
  • A Learn Amp platform.
  • The instructions below will provide all necessary keys. 


Part 1: Set up access to LinkedIn Learning courses

  1. Visit LinkedIn Learning Integrations settings page.
  2. Go to Access content and reports via API and click on Add application button.


3. Enter Application NameApplication description and select Content and Report keys.


4. Within newly created application copy and paste Client ID and Client Secret

Paste these into your Learn Amp platform here:



Part 2: Setup completion activities callbacks

1. Visit LinkedIn Learning Integrations settings page. (This link will take you directly to the page, if you are logged in to your LinkedIn account and have admin access.)

2. Go to Configure reporting integrations and click on Add integration button.


3. Fill the form with following details:


Integration name: Learn Amp xAPI integration

User Type: Email

OAuth Server URL (Provider’s OAuth Server URL):

OAuth Server URL (Provider’s Tenant Server URL):

Client ID: 70TIwLqcYYa0HRu3kORgzJxjjzRFOwt26EwSF6T0JSk

Client Secret: 5PYEOw05eayonE_f1PcUXpJ5TFkuGBx6_08PwMyiBM0


4. Click Enable

5. Your page should then appear as follows:


You're all done!

We hope that helps. If you have any more questions, please do get in touch here