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How do I set custom colours on the platform?

Learn how to brand the platform in your own colours.

The Learn Amp platform allows for white-labelling and colour customisation. 

To do this, go to Settings:

In the Company Branding section you will be able to alter the platform's colours and logos:


Navigation Logo:

This is the logo that you will see in the top corner of the platform.


Square logo:

This is the logo that you will see in the corner of Content added by your company.



You will also be able to change the colour of the platform.

In this section, we'll show you which colour corresponds to where.


Button colours:

These two colours correspond to the buttons you will see throughout the platform.

  • Button colour refers to the background colour.
  • Button text colour refers to the text. 

For example:


Navigation colours:


The Navigation colours correspond to the top navigation bar of the platform:


Sub-navigation tab highlight colour:


Footer colours:

These refer to the colours at the bottom of the page.