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How do I assign a Task?

Learn how to set a task and what options you have available

Video guide:

How to assign a task Apr 20



Written guide:

  • Click on the plus icon in the navigation and click 'Task'
  • Select what level you want to assign the task to: Individual, Team and Company
  • Set who the task is assigned to, by typing the name of the individual or team(s). If it is the whole company then you can move to the next step.
  • Set the 'Activity to complete' by typing the name of an Item, Learnlist, Quiz, Survey or Event
  • Set the deadline that you need the task to be completed by
  • For a simple task, you can now click 'Add Task' and you're done. Or click on 'Advanced settings' to see more options
  • Setting the task to be 'Mandatory' will bump it up the task list and show a '!' icon to make it clear it was Mandatory
  • If a task has been previously completed, you may want them to complete it again, for example for compliance training
  • For training that needs to be repeated on a cycle, for example yearly compliance training, set the task to recur. Set how often this is and how much before the new deadline the task needs to be set
  • You may wish to get notified with updates on the task, whether that is on completion or when they are overdue. This can be set to notify the task setter or the manager.


If you have assigned a task, but it doesn't appear for the user, click here to check our troubleshooting article on possible solutions.