How do I download event information to my computer calendar? [iCal]

Learn how to download an iCal file of an event to your calendar.

On the Learn Amp platform, events that you're enrolled in will be easy to spot on your 'To Do list' on the homepage and also on the 'My Events' tab.


To make Events even easier, we also facilitate downloading an iCal invite which can go straight to your computer calendar.

How do I add an Event from Learn Amp to my calendar? 

Please note that this is only possible for Events that you are enrolled in. You must be enrolled in said event to be able to follow these steps.

1. Go to the Event page


2. Select 'Add to Calendar'

3. Download iCal file


4.  Open this download, and it will then open the Event to your pc Calendar


5. Allow the Event to be added to your Calendar


6. The Event will then show up in your Calendar


Hope that helps! Please get in touch by raising a support ticket if you have any further queries, and we'll be happy to help.