How do I create a survey?

Learn how to create a survey, and about the different survey types.

Surveys are a great way to take the pulse of your organisation. You can use different survey types and questions to find out what you need. 

Please note that in 2021, we moved the "1-to-1 survey question type" and converted them into 1-to-1 question sets. For more information, please read our article here.

What is a Survey in Learn Amp?

In the Learn Amp platform, you can create a survey. By creating a survey, you can create a number of different questions to then send out to various individuals/teams/groups, or even the whole company. You'll then be able to view the results in a report. 

How to add a survey:


Assess>Surveys>Action>Add Survey


It will take you to the survey page, where you can either:

  • Choose an already existing template:1111
  • Add a New Template:
  • Or create a new Survey:


Create a new Survey

1111234Choose Survey type, depending on your needs:

  • Regular - Issue a survey with a deadline and an optional cycle.
  • Content - Add a survey to a Learnlist or Channel. For example, you could use it to ask your employees what they think about a certain topic or a Learnlist.
  • Observation - Use it to create a survey of questions (for example when you need feedback after a meeting).

Steps included in the creation process will vary depending on the type. 

Let's go through them now! 


Step 1: Survey details

  • Add your survey's Name and add an optional Tile image.


Advanced settings

You can expand the page down to reveal more optional settings.


Survey display: Choose whether you want all the questions to appear on a single page or multiple pages.

Notify when completed: Choose if you want to notify people when someone completes the survey. You can select for the person's manager, coach, or selected individuals to be automatically notified. 

Permissions: Users who have either Owner, Admin, or Curator status can already edit your survey. If you'd like other selected users to be able to edit it.

Step 2: Question

Create your survey using a mix of different questions.

For more in-depth information about each question type, please click here.

You can also learn how to create a checklist.

Step 3: Recipients

Depending on the survey type, you can choose different options as to who will receive it.

  • Regular - send the survey to all users, selected Individual/ Team /Group or all users expect selected.
  • Content - survey will be available to all users who have the Learnlist/Channel assigned to them. 1111234567
  • Observation - choose managers/ coaches or teams of selected managers and decide, whether users should fill in the survey on their or someone else's behalf.


Step 4: Issuing

This step allows you to set the survey either as a one-off or as a cycle (the survey will recur).


One off: Your survey will be sent out to the recipients just on this occasion.

Cycle: You can choose for the survey to recur at your chosen interval, e.g. this survey will be sent out every 1 month, or 6 months, etc. This could be useful for monthly 1-to-1 meetings between managers and team members.

First issue date:

Immediately:  The survey will be sent out straight away.

Set date: Choose a date for your survey to first be sent out.

Recurring surveys:

If you've chosen your survey to be on a cycle, you'll also be able to choose how frequently it recurs.

Step 5: Review

This step will allow you to recap your previous choices:

  • How many users it is going to - you have an option to view the full list of recipients.
  • When it will be issued, if it's recurring, and what cycle it is set to.

    Step 6: Done! 

    Great! Your survey is all ready to go.

    If you would like to learn how to report on surveys, click here.