How do I create a Quiz?

Learn how to create a quiz.

How to create a Quiz

  • Select the icon in the top navigation bar 
  • Select Assesment>Quiz


Step 1: Key details 

  • Fill in the most important details, such as name, total time
  • You can also choose to edit the tile image or display image 
  • You can also add tags to make this content more easily searchable
  • Advanced settings: Notifications and permissions - you can decide to display the creator and set notifications for completion for selected users. By adding users in "Who can edit?" box, you will grant permission to other users to later change the settings of the quiz.

Step 2: Questions

Create a question set for your quiz.

To learn more about different question types, please click here.


Step 3: Rules

Set rules around quiz completion

  • Randomise - You can choose if questions appear in random order
  • Set pass score - You can decide score that's required for completion and how many attempts are allowed.
  • You can time this quiz. If you want to know more about how to set up timers on quizzes, please click here.
  • Decide if previous attempts should be calculated into the final score


Step 4: Completion


You can choose whether to assign a certificate for completion of this item.

If you select this checkbox, a certificate will be automatically assigned to each learner that completes this item.

Step 5: Done!

Congratulations, you're all done!