How do I create a Drag and Drop quiz?

Learn how to create a Drag and Drop quiz.

This article will take you through the necessary steps to create a Drag & Drop quiz.


What is the use of a Drag & Drop quiz?

  • The Drag & Drop quiz allows your quiz to be more interactive.
  • You can create drag items and drop targets.
  • This is particularly useful if you want to have a quiz question which contains images.


Example of a Drag & Drop quiz

Here's an example of a Drag & Drop quiz. This is the example we'll work towards creating, though of course you can replace these images with anything you like.

The idea is that the user drags the correct company values into the Company values box, and the incorrect company values into the 'Not company values' box. 


Here's a short GIF of how it works:

Drag and Drop demonstration


How to create the Drag & Drop quiz question 

Step 1: Upload your background image


Your background image will be this: [In this example, the purple background]


Step 2: Add your 'Drop zone'

The Drop Zone is the space that you will drag your images into.

In this example, these are the dropzones:


Adding your Dropzone:

  • Provide a name to your dropzone
  • Capacity = the maximum number of images that can be dragged and dropped on this dropzone.


In our example here, you can see that we've created two different dropzones:


Step 3: Add draggable elements 

The draggable elements are the images that should be dragged into the relevant dropzones.

In our example, these are the draggable elements that must be dragged into the correct box:


To add these Draggable elements in, please upload them as images:


After filling in these details, hopefully your draft quiz question should appear similar to this:


Step 4: Set feedback for correct/incorrect answers

Finally, you have the option to choose which feedback pops up to users who answer this either correctly or incorrectly. E.g.:


We hope this helps! Please do get in touch by raising a support ticket if you have any further queries and we'd be happy to help.