How do I create a CPD scheme?

Learn how to add a new CPD scheme

This article will explain the creation wizard for a CPD scheme.

For more information about the CPD feature, please see our article here


To add a CPD scheme go to Assess>CPD and click "Add CPD Scheme".


Fill in your CPD details:

  • Label
  • Whom is it assigned to:
    • Individual
    • Team (only primary team members or all-sub teams)
    • Group
    • Company
  • Target (you can change the way CPD is measured in Company Settings> CPD
  • Add formal/informal breakdown
    • This option allows you to decide how much of your target comes from obligatory/optional content 
  • Target resets
    • With "Target resets" you can set a deadline for your CPD after which it will reset.
    • You can set it for a Fixed date
    • or use Dynamic option to adjust for new joiners. It will change the deadline depending on the date CPD was assigned to the user

  • Is this CPD mandatory? 
    • Use the checkbox to set the CPD as obligatory
  • Allow learners to mark as complete
    • Checking the box will allow users to mark the content as completed with a sign-off or/and a mandatory reflection