How do I archive content and view archived content?

Learn all about archived content.

This article will explain:

  1. What kind of content can be archived
  2. How to archive content 
  3. How to view archived content


1. What kind of content can be archived?

You can archive:

  • Items
  • Learnlists
  • Channels
  • Events
  • 1-to-1 Templates
  • Surveys
  • Exercises

2. How do I archive content?

To archive content, click on the three pips next to the content on the Manage ____ page or while on the content category page under the 'Assess' tab, e.g 'Surveys', '1-2-1s' etc.. If you want to archive an item, go to the Manage Items tab. If you want to archive an Event, go to the Manage Events tab, etc.


As an example, this is how you would archive an item: 


3. How do I view archived content? 

To view archived content go to the Manage page for the content you want to view archived content for. E.g., Manage Events, Manage LearnlistsManage Items etc. 

If the item belongs to a category under the 'Assess' tab like an exercise then you would need to click to that category e.g if the item is an exercise then you would need to go to the 'Assess' tab>'Exercises' etc. 

The 'Assess' Tab is the equivalent to the ‘Manage’ option for content.

Select the Filter by button, and there you will see Archived Content.


You will then be able to see archived content belonging to the page category:


The same applies for all content: Items, Channels, Learnlists, Events, Surveys, 1-to-1 Templates.