How can we import content into the platform?

Learn about how you can import content into the Learn Amp platform.

If you are coming from another LMS, it is likely that you will have existing learning objects and content that will need to be imported into your new Learn Amp account.

This article is meant to give a general overview of the process and what options are available to you. Each content import will be slightly different, and therefore will need to be planned carefully with your Learn Amp implementation manager.

Option 1: Manual upload

If you have only a small number of learning objects that need to be added to Learn Amp, then the quickest option is probably to create the items manually using our admin tools. This option is not feasible if you have a lot of content that needs to be migrated to Learn Amp.

Option 2: Upload via Bulk Item Import

Our Support Team has a bulk import tool. This tool takes a CSV (comma separated values) file containing learning object details. The file is then uploaded by our team, and items are created automatically based on these details.

Getting files to us - if you have chosen to import via Bulk Item Import:

For the above bulk item import to work, we will need all assets/files relating to the learning objects. Typically these include:

- Zip files, containing SCORM/xAPI or AICC packages

- MP4 or similar video files, for video content

- PDF/Word/PowerPoint files, for downloadable documents

Additionally, though not required, it is very helpful to have tile images or thumbnail images, to go with each learning item. PNG or JPG format is preferable.

File can be sent to us using any appropriate method. We can suggest some free services to assist with this.

CSV of Learning Objects

Click here to download the example template CSV.

This CSV has the following fields:


This is the ID of the learning object in your old system. This is useful as the identifier if we are also importing historic learning activity for this item.


Title of learning object as it should appear on Tile in Learn Amp.


Description of learning object, as it should appear on the main Item page in Learn Amp


File name of tile image or thumbnail


If the content is Scorm, xAPI or AICC, this filename should match the ZIP archive.


If this content is video, PDF or other media, this filename should correspond to the file sent to us


Once we have an accurate CSV file with all the item details, and all the corresponding files, our team can them upload this content into your account in a single batch.