How can Learners add Learnlists?

Find out how all users can now add (private) Learnlists.

In February 2021, we launched an extension of the Learnlist feature whereby Learners can now add their own Learnlists.

Please note that this is on a feature toggle - if you would like this feature enabled on your account, please get in touch.

Key facts:

  • Learners can now add their own learnlists. These will be visible on their own profile only.
  • The learnlists will be visible to the creator of the Learnlist, admins, and owners only.
  • Learners can either pull in content from the library for their own learnlist, OR if your account has Learner-added items toggled on, they can add their own items.


  • Admins will be able to see completion of these Learner-added learnlists via the Activity Log.
  • The self-added Learnlists will not show up on the Content Log.


How can Learners add the Learnlist?

1. Go to your profile, select Content > Learnlists



2. Select the Add Learnlist button


3. Fill in the form, and press Add Learnlist


4. Add content



All done!

Those are the steps to creating a Learnlist, for learners.

To view your Learnlists, simply head to the content section of your profile and you will see them there.