Different types of quiz questions

You can create different types of quiz questions, e.g. Multiple choice, Drag & Drop, True / False, Yes / No.

You can create four different types of quiz questions. This article will explain how to do this, and the differences between them.

When you are adding questions to a quiz, you will notice that there are four different types of question you can choose from.


This article will explain the differences between the different types.


Multiple choice

- In a multiple choice quiz, the creator of the quiz can choose as many 'correct' answers as they want out of the options they create (but they must choose at least 1 correct answer).


In the images below, you will see how the same multiple choice question is created and then displayed:


When being created:


The question will then appear in the quiz as follows:


For more detailed information on Multiple choice questions on quizzes, please read the following article: https://support.learnamp.com/knowledge/multiple-choice-options-on-quizzes


Drag & Drop

- In this section, an example Drag & Drop quiz question will be shown.

For more detailed information on the Drag & Drop option, please read the following article:  https://support.learnamp.com/knowledge/drag-drop-quizzes


What is the use of a Drag & Drop quiz?

- The Drag & Drop quiz allows your quiz to be more interactive.

- You can create drag items and drop targets.

- This is particularly useful if you want to have a quiz question which contains images.


The creation of a Drag & Drop quiz question:


How the quiz question will appear:

- In this example question, the user would have to drag the text title of each brand onto the correct brand logo.


True / False

- The creator of the quiz can add a question with either the answer 'True' or 'False'


Creating the question:

How the question will appear in the quiz:


Yes / No

- There is also an option to have the answers to the quiz question either be 'Yes' or 'No'


Creating the question:


How the question will appear in the quiz: