Definitions for the Activity Log

Find out what each action on the Activity Log means.

When using the Activity Log you'll notice that there is an Action column:


Here are the definitions for what each action means: 

Added: A user has added new content to the platform.

Attended: A user has attended an event. 

Clicked: A user has clicked on a piece of content. 

Completed: A user has successfully completed the piece of content.

Enrolled for: A user has enrolled for an event - either they have enrolled themselves or an admin has enrolled them. 

Failed: A user has completed a piece of content but not received the necessary score to pass. 

Received certificate for: A user has received a certificate for a piece of content after completing it. 

Started: A user has begun an elearning item or quiz and has made it partway through. 

Updated: A user has changed this piece of content. This could include uploading a different file in its place, or changing a part of its settings e.g. visibility, title, duration, etc. 

Viewed: A user has looked at a piece of content or event - i.e. they will have looked at the page this content is on.