Confirming attendance for Events: Admin confirms attendance

Learn about the event setting "Admin confirms attendance".

When you set up an event, on Step 3 - Enrolment you will notice that there are different options to enrol someone to an event:

This article will take you through the third option, Admin confirms attendance.


How does this setting work?

Step 1) Users are enrolled into an event

  • Users will enrol into an Event.
  • The way in which they do this will be dependent on which option for enrolment you selected when setting up an event, but it does not impact whether or not you can confirm attendance.
  • You can see user event enrolments here:


2) Confirm attendance, once event has finished

After the event has finished, visit the enrollments page.

You will then be able to see a list of the users who had been enrolled, and you will be able to mark them as attended or not:



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